Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Day

 We made it another year!!! It a chilly start to the New Year it's -14. The good thing is there is no wind!!! Hoping that doesn't prove me wrong.
  Sharon didn't go into work last night. We had a really nice evening. We watched the Simpson's and chatted had spaghetti for supper. I made it till after 9 I think before falling asleep on the couch. Sharon woke me up a little after 11 and said it was time for bed. Pretty low key here.
   When I was feeding yesterday I saw 2 buck's one had a nice rack and the other was smaller. Anyway they were in the hay stackyard. It's old wheatstraw brown and nasty but anyway the 2 deer where standing on the bales and jumping from bale to bale. It was about dusk so it was mostly profiles I could see. Just kinda cool to see.
   I 'm really enjoying writing this blog. I'm not much for grammar or spelling. That stuff get's in the way of the creative writing process. Well until next time take care

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Anonymous said...

Happy New year to you Jake. Hope it's a great one and get to see you guys again. Don't worry about spelling, that is what spell check is for. And as to grammer, she don't care if you write like you spell! ;)