Friday, October 28, 2011


    I have been riding my mare in a snaffle bit. It just hasn't been working the way I would like she has been gapping her mouth and pushing out with her nose and she will sometimes throw her head up. So I don't know if it's her or me. My boss and I talked about it. Like the saying, if it's not working try some thing different.  I rode her today for 20 minutes this afternoon in the hackamore. She did great in it. She is really soft and easy to ride. We will see tomorrow how it works. We are gonna ride tomorrow on some cows. I really like this horse and want the best for her. I would love the make her into a bridle horse. She has tons of heart and is just double tough and bullet proof. Until next time take care
Old homestead on the ranch.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


  We will be gathering and shipping cows and calves the next couple weeks. Here's some pictures of gathering our Lance Creek Pasture. Sorry no pictures of cows this round. I was to busy. I took these watering my horse. We gathered half this pasture on Monday, we will gather the rest closer to when we ship there. We went over yesterday to main headquarters and helped them gather and ship. Today we moved yearling heifers to another pasture at my place and moved some bulls around. Then I went and started to build a stack yard for more hay at another pasture. Just getting ready for winter. Now for some pictures.
  Fancy earned this drink! We figured I put 20+++ miles on her today.
More of the pasture.
I had my rope down playing around with Fancy. Swinging the rope around her trying to teach her it's a good thing. The cinch my wife build for me.
And a windmill for my wife.
 Well thats what I got for now. Click on pictures makes them bigger. Until next time take care.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My day off

     Today was just a nice relaxing day spent with the person I love. We went by the pivots on the way to Douglas. These speed goats were just hanging out. The dogs had a field day barking and whining at them.
  We had a really nice lunch in Douglas. I had the chicken fried steak, 2 eggs, hashbrowns and 2 pieces of toast. Then I helped Sharon with her lunch, Half her fries and a chili dog.  We stopped at Safeway for some grocery's. Then to the meat shop to pick up the antelope a hunter donated to me. So a little more meat for the freezer. We took a scenic drive home and went through the Rawhide Butte's. They are the mountains that we watch the sun set behind. There was a historical marker of sorts off the road. Being a history buff we stopped to read it.
Part of the Buttes.
The kids playing as we went out to get the horses.
  Had to bring the horses tonight. We will be gathering the Lance Creek pasture tomorrow. It has been a nice mellow day. Click on pics makes bigger. Until next time take care

Sunday Stills - Rocks

   Rocks and rock formations is the Sunday still challenge this week.  Sharon told me she thought we had some neighbors cows in our horse pasture. So we drove the fence line looking for a hole in the fence. I saw these sandstone rock formations and remembered this weeks challenge.

And here my helpers finding the best rock in the pile!

Clicking on the picture makes them bigger. Until next time take care

Friday, October 21, 2011

Today's works

  Started the day a little earlier than normal. I showed up to work this morning to saddle my horse at 5am. I didn't need to be there till 5:30 or quarter till 6. I just wanted to be early. We were meeting some neighbors at 7. We were gathering cows today and moving then from summer pasture to winter pasture.  It was really nice to get my horse saddled and just drink my coffee as she ate her oats. It was still dark out and just kinda relaxing to listen to Lilly munch oats.  How peaceful the morning was waiting for the sun to come up and start the day. I got some pictures of the day not many but a few the show how great it is where I live and what I get to do. These pictures were taken with my old broken camera that now resides in my saddle pockets. I took this picture acouple months ago but forgot I took it. Glad I found it.
   Here we have the cows gathered and were getting ready to drive them north to winter pasture. Our winter pasture was live water that doesn't freeze. We will turn off the wind mills in summer pastures and drain the tanks to winterize them.
Brian is holding herd to my right. Pretty big country huh?
We finished off our day working on the corral. We are replacing the old wood posts and boards with steel posts and continuous fencing. So much nicer! We still have a lot of fence to replace but it will be so nice to work animals when we are done.
Well that is my day. Hope you enjoyed my day as much as I did. :) Until time take care
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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Carving pumpkins

    We have spent the weekend putting around and resting. Sharon is feeling kind like she has the flu or something. She went to a Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City and just being around that many people would probaly make you feel yucky. We carved a pumpkin today. Sharon did one side and I did the other. So we have a two side pumpkin. Here's Sharon cutting the top off so I can scoop out the pumpkin guts. She's preeetty handy with that knife.
   Sharon's side of the pumpkin.
My side of the pumpkin.
Now the pumpkin sit's on the dinning room table. Sharon made the runner the pumpkin sits on.
This is the surprise Sharon found when she opened the front door this evening. What a little turd huh? Yep it's Cord our little thick headed corgi. What a character.

Well until next time take care

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Im back from Hunting Camp

   I got home late last night from hunting camp where I was guiding antelope and a deer hunts. I really enjoy guiding it's a lot of fun and I get to meet people from all over the country. I guide for the Rockin' 7. Here's some picture's of happy hunters. Here's Jerry with his first antelope. He shot him at just under 29 yards. Great shooting and a nice goat.
Blake with his first goat 185 yards shooting downhill in the rain and wind. We put a tough stalk on this speed goat!
Blake and I posing with his goat.
Max with another nice goat. This was a fun hunt, we spotted this 'lope on his first day hunting and it gave us the slip three times. We got it late in the afternoon of the second day. Lots of hiking for this one.
JT and Josh, father and son.  JT retired from the Forest Service and was given a cull buck hunt as a present. What a great present!! Beats a watch any day!! Josh came up and got a nice doe antelope. They both are wildland firefighters. So we had alot to talk about I worked a summer as a wildland firefighter. So we know a couple of the same people. Really good guys! Just like hanging out with friends.
Dale and Mark, father and son. Mark got this 'lope late on the first day. Dale missed a shot on his the second day and we just couldn't quite get on one after that.
So this is what I've been doing the last 14 day's. Keeping real busy and not been around a computer to post. Until next time take care

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pillow case

    We have been married for two years today. I guess every year has a different gift theme.? I think Sharon said the first year is paper and the second is cotton, the third is leather. I don't know. Sharon made me this really cool pillow case that I can take to hunting camp today. It will look awesome with my bedroll. I have the best wife a guy could ever want or ask for. I took the picture on my work bench so please excuse the mess.
  I think the picture below say's all there is to say. :)

Until next time take care

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hunting camp

    I have be at hunting camp the last three day's guiding for antelope. Heres a shot of the guide shack and my bunk.

     This is the first time I have guided for antelope. I have guided for pigs and turkeys in Californa but I am hooked big time on big game like antelope and deer! Here's Jerry with his first ever antelope on the first time I've guided for antelope. It was a great time, with a really good guy.
    Jerry shot this buck at 29 yards. I got him on a doe later in the day and he shot her at 71Yards. Good shooting!
   I get tonight and part of tomorrow off to celebrate my two years of wedded bliss. We went out and ate at a steak house here in town. Then back to guiding. Sharon will be leaving on Wednesday or Thursday to go to a quilting summit in Salt Lake City. So we are really staying busy around here. Thats all I got for now so stay tuned for the next installment of my life. haha. Until next time take care