Thursday, January 13, 2011

        Well where to start......  I guess I can say we are in the monotony of feeding cattle seven days a week here. It a heck of a work out, on the tractor to drive, off the tractor to get gate and and make sure the bale is square before lifting, on the tractor to move it, get off to close the gate. I think you get the idea. Cow's are wintering good, looking happy. Don't know how they look happy when its 0 and below. They look happy to see the hay coming to them though.
   I took Sharon out to dinner last night......Well the Vigortone Mineral rep had a dinner and some speakers on the mineral cows need and herd health. Learned about the horn fly and the damage they do to cattle. I won a ball cap and a pocket knife. It was fun I got off the ranch for awhile and got to see some neighbors. It felt so nice to put a hat on that didn't have ear flaps and wear boots that weren't  pac boots. Here a pict of me putting out mineral in the spring. Look there is green there!! Until next time take care

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Linda said...

It's pretty much the same here seven days a week. Its the worst winter I can remember for a long while and we haven't had our deep snow months yet.