Monday, February 28, 2011

The Move

   We had a great trip. We got a later start than we wanted on Saturday. But it was Ok we still got here safely. It just seems like a great fit here! We really like the town.
   The town has a GREAT library. That is where I am using the internet. We just checked out a bunch of movies and a Will James book.
   I am really looking forward to starting work. My boss stopped by and helped us unload abit of stuff. Then he say's hope your roping arm is doing good cause we got some roping to do. The big smile on my face told him I was ready. I hope I do a good job, cause this hombre is out of practice. In a bad way but I figure a couple days throwing a rope around will really help.
   Well I gots to go the library is closing up. I post back in a couple days.

Until next time take care

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Last post for awhile

  This might be my last post for a couple weeks. We are moving and I don't know when I will get around the internet. I am hoping there is internet at the library in Lusk we can use. But keep checking in I might surprise you and post before that.
   We are moving to Lusk Wyoming. I got better job there. I'm saying it's a better job cause I'll get to be horseback lots more. The guy I will be working with LOVES to rope so that right there is a huge bonus. We will also be closer to family and friends. There are lots of little perks about moving back home. We feel Wyoming is home and always will be.
    Montana has been really good for us. We have learned a ton about ourselves living here. I have learned alot about cattle and ranching being here.
  Take care until next time

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Birthday

   It's my birthday today. WooHoo! Ok enough with the excitement.  Well we are still in the middle of moving, I guess we are closer to sliding into home. We are almost moved. We can't wait to get settled and start being "normal?". The following pictures is of the best gift I ever got, and that gift is the love of my wife.

  Until next time take care

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feb 22

   Lets see what did I do today........ Well started the day off feeding cows, that has been an every day thing for so long the cows are almost tired of seeing me, But not of the hay I bring them. Then I went to headquarters to find out what was on the agenda for the rest of the day. The boss told me to put the engine mounts in the Steiger tractor cause we are gonna put the engine back in today. Got the engine mounts in with no problems.
   I hear some one yelling outside so I go to see whats going on. It a neighbor looking for one of us. "Hey Jack whats up?" Jack sez "You guys got some cows walking acrossed the cattle guard heading north".  " Oh great I say" He sez "The ones that was going south I got to follow me back onto your place."
  So we spent the better part of the afternoon digging snow out of the cattle guards. Hopefully the lovely lady's "old rips" will stay on our side of the cattle guards.
  We did finally get to the engine and got it in the tractor. We didn't get done till almost 7 pm so it was a long day. But the engine is in, now the fun of hooking everything back up begins........
This is the Steiger or the "Green Witch"
Until next time take care

Monday, February 21, 2011

Pocket Watch

    I used to wear a watch, but I could not stand to have it on when I got home at the end of the day. It was the first thing I did was take the darn thing off.  Then the band broke so it sat in a drawer. Then I needed to know what time it was. We had pocket watches as gifts for the groomsmen and family. So I dug out my pocket watch and started using it. I really like a pocket watch but I broke mine. Maybe it wasn't designed to be used everyday. So now I'm in the market for a good solid pocket watch. I have been using the old watch with the broken band as a pocket watch. Its just not the same though.
     I'm looking for a reasonable priced, quality made watch that will last. Something classy that looks good. I like vintage stuff. I'm thinking maybe a battery one but it really doesn't matter. Water resistant would be nice. I have seen some really nice silver ones.
  Until next time take care

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Life's Destiny

   "One is not always born in his rightful place. You are prone to wander until you come upon strange men who take you in. Their ways are foreign to you but you learn to master their skills and crafts and you have found home." Marty Blocker.

      When I read this I felt that is was written for me and straight into my heart. I think it explains everything there is to say, about my choice to cowboy/ranch hand. My life path has been just as Marty says. I have wandered all over and never really felt I was in the right place. Now I am on the right path. I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn but it is one step at a time. I have met lots of great people that are so willing to help me. So one day I will be able to help someone else and pass on the skills I have learned.
 Until next time take care


Friday, February 18, 2011


    Well it looks like the day's of nice weather are gone for a while. We are supposed to get up to 3" of snow Saturday night. It's forecasted to be cold for the next week. Just what Sharon and I were hoping for.......( thats sarcasm). We are just hoping for clear weather when we are driving and good roads.
   I guess its fitting though, we moved here in a blizzard. Sharon got to see the house here after driving 82 miles on ice in the dark.
 Until next time take care

Thursday, February 17, 2011


   We are looking forward to our move to Lusk. It seems that there will be more opportunity's there. We have been talking about wanting to volunteer. Try to help out people less fortunate than us. We were taking stock of ourselves and we have a lot to give, it will be nice to share.
   We will be looking into the things that are available. I'm sure there are lots of place's and people that need help. It would be fun the help at the library reading to kids. Help out at a senior center. We will find something of this I know. We just want to help make this a better country. The only way to do that is a grassroots way. Help someone so they can help someone.
Until next time take care

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Childhood memory

   When we lived in Orvada NV it was pretty remote and not alot for my brother and I to do. Soo we were subjected to the torture of finding ways to entertain ourselves, and we did a dang good job to. Entertaining ourselves that is. Remember this is before video games. No sorry, I take that back the Atari was around. Not in our house it wasn't, we still had a black and white TV. We were pretty creative when it was playtime. Good thing we had active imagations. So we built lots of forts, dug lots of holes. Heck I don't really remember what we did . I just know we never were bored.
      I can't remember how old I was but I had just got my first BB gun. This is a big step in a boy's life. I want to say I got it as a Christmas present. I still have it to, its a Daisy single pump. We had a grand ol time with that gun. We shot more Indians than Custer ever saw. Like I said we had imagations. We fought WW2 all over again. I was the gunner since it was my gun. Ben my brother was the spotter. He pointed out the things to shoot. It was team work. We shot field mice, snakes, rocks and sage brush. Oh I'm sure there were a few other things that got shot as well, or shot at.
    My Dad was the Ag teacher in McDermitt. He ended up bringing a bull home one day. We were gonna keep it for a week or two. He was kept in a pretty stout round pen.
     Soooo we were out on an African safari. I think we just read a book in school about Africa and the animals there. We were crawling throught the sagebrush ocean of the Great basin. Acting like we were in Africa. When, what do we see? Now please let me tell the story. Lets just say we saw a target. We hit the target. The target happened to be attached to the bull. The target is what make a bull a bull. Yes, we shot him dead center in the testicals. We thought he was gonna run through the fence. He didn't, thank God.
   When Dad got home that night he asked us if we knew why the bull seemed agitated. Of course our answer was NO. Why?  Then we said maybe he got bit by something? A Bee or a Wasp?
   I told my Pop about us shooting the bull a couple years ago. He laughed and thought it was kinda funny. I know he wouldn't have found any humor when it happened. I would have found the BB gun wrapped around my scrawny neck. Just a little story from my life.
Until next time take care

Saturday, February 12, 2011


    Boy oh boy. Do I love food! I know you can't tell by looking at me but I like to eat. Sharon is a great cook and always trying new recipes out.  She has this thing about vegetables and trying to get me to eat more of them. I'm more of a meat and tators kinda guy. Oh yea throw a can of corn in there and dinner is served.
   We are trying to clean out the freezer so when we move we don't have a ton frozen food to move. We have a bunch of roasts and round steaks we need to do something with. So we think the best thing to do with them is make them into jerky. There ain't nothing better than homemade jerky! It will be a great traveling snack. We are gonna make snack bags for everyone that helps us move. It will save on the pocketbook not having to buy snacks.
   So we are looking into some different recipes for jerky. We have a couple that we use but want to try something new.
Until next time take care

Friday, February 11, 2011


      Sharon went to Miles City yesterday to get more boxes and take some books back that we had borrowed. So I worried all day about her. I know I shouldn't worry but its a long trip 82 miles from front door to gas station.  They had roads closed in our area because of blowing snow. I know she is a big girl and can take care of herself. But it still doesn't stop me from worrying about her.
   Fed cows all morning and part of the afternoon. The weather was kinda trashy. It was windy and snowing. Then worked on the bale feeder the rest of the day.
Until next time take care

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Its a Thursday

   Its 20 degrees outside, thats a  +20. Woohoo!! We are supposed to have nice weather the next couple of days. Up in to the 40's maybe. That will melt the snow for sure..........But then it will be a muddy mess.
  We are still packing,  Sharon is doing most of it. She is doing a great job also!
I'm looking forward to the new job. I know I will learn alot. Life is an adventure, sometimes you just got to get out there and grab it by the horns.
   Lee and I went over and helped a neighbor with their tractor yesterday afternoon. Their tractor got a flat tire on the front, and it gelled up. They were not having a good day. We changed all the filters and finally got the tractor running about 7:30 pm. It is so much fun to work on a tractor by headlights when it is 5 degrees. That is sarcasm.
until next time take care

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cold day

   As I sit here eating breakfast and writing, the temp sits about -30 outside. Last time it was this cold the tractor wouldn't start. I guess the battery's are a little weak. So we had to go get  the charger and charge the battery's for awhile. That stuff just makes for a long day! Not really looking forward to going out in this kinda weather. Just hope there is no wind today.
   I know the lady's will be happy to see me though, OK,  maybe not me but the hay I bring to them.
Until next time take care

Sunday, February 6, 2011


      I was putting out some lick tubs for the cows yesterday. You know just kinda be-bopping along listening to the radio, sliding to and fro in the mud and slushy snow. The radio station went to cover a high school basketball game, cool whatever. Can't be to picky on what you get to listen to here.
   So the DJ is interviewing to coach and asks the question "Whats gonna be your strategy to win the game?". The coach replies back "Uhh well we need to beat them by more points than they beat us by".
   Really thats your strategy? I'm still scratching my head on that one. How is that a strategy? And in what world does that make sense? "Beat them by more points than they beat us by"?????????
  Just thought I'd share this little nugget with you all. Just hoping the basketball coach isn't the English teacher during the week. Until next time take care

Saturday, February 5, 2011


  I not much of a breakfast guy, give me a cup of coffee and I'm good. But lately that hasn't been working so I'm trying the breakfast deal. It seems to be working. It's two eggs over medium and two brats or polish links and a biscuit.
   I chose this as my breakfast food because its easy to make. I think it supposed to be good for me also.
My breakfast of choice would be chicken fried steak and eggs. With a side of bacon and biscuits. Way to much work to make and to heavy in the belly.
  Whats your go to breakfast food?
Until next time take care

Friday, February 4, 2011


   I'm feeling the blahhh's the last  couple day's. Don't know if it's caused by working 7 days a week feeding (which Ive been doing twice a day since Oct, we have a feedlot)or if the cold weather has started to drag me down a little bit.
    Just want a day off to spend with my wife and help her pack up the house. We still have alot to do. I need to get my horse caught and get her Coggins tested. We have snow and snow drifts every where here so thats not helping with the move. Well thats enough griping from me. Hope every one is doing good and staying healthy. Until next time take care  I edited this post

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Childhood memories

    So when we were kids living in McDermit NV. My brother and I learned to entertain ourselves. This story is about when we got bow and arrows. They weren't the best, but who in their right mind is gonna buy kids a good bow and arrows? We tried shooting targets but that is about as boring as watchin grass grow. We really didnt know what we were doing, so we pealed alot of skin off our forearms from the bow string.  Then we got the great idea to see who could shoot their arrow the highest. Now don't get ahead of me here.
    So we stretch back them bows and let the arrows fly strait and true. Oh yea it was a perfectly calm day.
Up and up they went, we couldn't see the arrows any more........ Then thunk, thunk, two arrows have now made their return trip to earth. They buried themselves about half way into mother earth. The two genius that shot the arrows are now standing 3-5 feet from them. You know the story "what goes up must come down". We were really lucky we didn't get hit by any arrows.
 Boy did we have alot of fun with them bows and arrows. There are still a few more good tales to tell about the bow and arrows. Until next time take care