Thursday, January 6, 2011

Coffee cups

  Who has a favorite coffee cup or mug? I  do! My's is just a green plastic to-go cup. I got it for free at the Range Beef Symposium. It advertises scour protection by Guardian. It holds just enough coffee and it really keeps the coffee at drinking temperature. It goes every where with me in the mornings on the tractor, in the pick-up and to the shop. At the end of the day I sometimes need to find my friend who has fallen on the floor on the pick-up and is being abused by the grease gun,  a can of oil, an old throw rope, fencing pliers, a couple water jugs and a couple jackets trying to smother it. When it is brought in the house I have to put it in a special place or Sharon will wash it. The cup gets washed maybe twice a month. It has water in between the outside wall and the insulation from being washed. Washing takes the coffee taste out of the plastic and will wear the cup out faster. Haha
   I also have a coffee cup I like to use at night for tea or hot cider. I got it when I took my Grandfather on a fishing trip in '99. My grandfather was 89 years old on that trip. We went to the Sierra's so he could show me all his old fishing spots and places he took his family trips. That was the trip of a life time!! I have traveled all over and none of the trips can hold a candle to the trip with Gramp's! He was spinning tales ( I think most where true) with a twinkle in his eye. He showed me where him and his Mother camped in Red Rock canyon on Hwy 395 when he was 8 I think. They were moving from Provo area Utah to San Berdo Ca. He said the trip took 4/6 days on a three track road. He was telling tales about growing in mining camps it Utah, My Great Grandmother ran a boarding house in the camps. Writing this is just dredging up tons of great memories! I think I will have to write about that trip some time. Gosh I wish I could remember all the story's he told me. I just remember bits and pieces.
   There was one about him and a friend landing a plane at Edwards air base because they ran out off fuel flying back from Bishop. I'll try and remember more and write it down it was kinda funny.
 Well until next time take care

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