Wednesday, January 5, 2011

That day....

   You ever just have that day? It's not a bad day it really probably was a good day. But your just tired or worn out? And really for no reason? You got to bed early enough and slept well.
     The morning chores, cows all fed, calves fed and checked over for any sick ones. No sick ones today. Nice warm weather a little snow but nice to be out in. Worked in the shop, serviced work truck. Came home fed the calves in the feedlot again. Walk in the house just blahhhhh, kiss my wife, get out of all the clothes, put on the slippers, play with the dogs for a few minutes. Not really hungry but need to eat, what is the old stand by in this house???? A can of chili with some cheese and saltines with cheese and a couple glasses of water.
  The highlight of the day was watching the feedlot calves tonight running and bucking around. Just kickin up their heel's feeling good. Nice weather makes them run around like a bunch of crazed teenagers.........Ohhhhh they are crazed teenagers. So I didn't have the heart to tell them to enjoy it while it lasts. We are supposed to get an arctic blast and have lows in the -20's next week. Well until next time take care


Anonymous said...

Take your clothes off and put your slippers on. there's a picture! :)

Sharon said...

You forgot to mention the yummy calzones at lunch. :)