Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve

  Well we made it another year.  Remember when you were a kid and New Years was big deal? I remember sharing a few New Years Eve's with my grandparents. Grandma would make us hot cocoa and put real marshmellows in it. Gramp's would have a big fire in the fireplace. My brother and I would play games. We would watch the TV waiting for the big moment that would change the calendar. If I was a betting man back then I should have placed bets on how late my Grandpa would make it. I don't think he ever made it to midnight. Those were good times in a simpler time. I guess it was only simpler cause I was a kid.
  So what are your plans tonight? Sharon might have to work it depends on the roads and weather.  I'm for staying in and grabbing my girl and staying on the couch. Make of some drinks throw a movie on and spend the last hours of  2010 with the love of my life. Don't know if I won't pull my Gramp's trick and fall asleep before the striking of the bell.
  I really do have a blessed life in the last post I was kinda down. Sorry about that. I have a great place to learn ranching,  cows,  farming and mechanics. 
   Here's hoping everyone a safe and Happy New Year!!!!!!!

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Sally said...

Those were good times Jake, glad you remembered them.