Sunday, January 2, 2011

  It was snowy and windy today, got done feeding around One.  I was kinda hungry so I made a couple grilled cheese samwichs one with pepperoni the other just cheese, And tomato soup but I chopped up some jalapeno peppers and threw them in the soup. It kinda spiced it up a touch. Who says I aint a gourmet cook?  I can cook and like to cook. Sharon and I really enjoy cooking together its a great way for us the talk and laugh. Some how she is always laughing at me.....
  Gonna spend some hard earned money and buy some leather tools. My Mom got me a DVD for Christmas on how to make chinks and some chap leather. The DVD is from Cow Camp Saddlery. He make some really nice gear. I need a new pair of chinks and whats a better present than making your own stuff? So Im looking forward to the project. I get to learn some thing and will have made my own gear, the way I wanted it. I'll post pictures of the process.  So I think I'm gonna go watch the chink making DVD again. Trying to soak up as much as I can.
  Sharon is a quilting nut!! She is always on the sewing machine. Cutting fabric so she can sew it back together again. She has gotten really handy with it. Now if I can just talk her into fixing my jeans and shirts...... Until next time take care


Sharon said...

I fixed your jeans! And even washed them. I was waiting to see how long it would take you to notice. :P

Off to do more quilting. :)

Linda said...

Mending ISN'T the same as quilting, I hate doing it but it falls under the title of "skirtwork". If you need chap patterns let me know and I'll send some to you.