Sunday, June 24, 2012

Horse hay

Here's a picture of the horse hay field. We dry land farm it. Normaly it is knee high right now.. It has been terribly dry and hot here. We broke into the 100's yesterday and suppose to be in the high 90's the rest of the week.
I saw some antelope running though this field and dust was flying up behind them.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


   We tryed baling yesterday at 6am the hay was drier than a popcorn fart on a windy day.We got some baled but dang. We started trying to bale hay at 4am this morning. About 4:30 just when the  hay was almost ready to bale, We got a fog bank. The temp dropped and we got moisture. We didnt start baling till all most 10.Then it got hot fast!! We stopped baling about 2. Here's what my view looked like.I spent most of the day looking at the back of the tractor. 
  Here's the "pick up" grabbing a windrow of hay. Going into the rollers.
Rollers working making a round bale.Almost ready to dump the bale. See the left the little stop sign. That tells me when to drop the bale.
My view through the windshield.
 Until next time take care

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


    Sunday was Fathers day. It was a kinda tough day for me. We went for a drive to see a little bit of our neighborhood. We took our cameras just in case we found some cool stuff. Here's a coool old farm house. I love seeing these old place's. Wish I knew the history of the place. Seeing old place's kinda makes me sad. I think about all the hopes and dreams the people that owned the place.
   The old Prairie Center school and activity hall.
I took Sharon home down a pretty county road. The road is on the map.
We just started cutting hay, I started baling today. It's kinda sprinkling right now.Of course we have cut hay on the ground. I'll take the rain!! We are branding calves Thursday. Looking forward to that. Clicking on the picture makes it bigger. Until next time take care

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Branded today

   We branded about 125 calves today. The neighbors came over and helped. We heeled the smaller calves then headed and heeled the  bigger ones. I still need lots more practice roping but I think I'm getting a bit better. We were done by noon. It went really well.  Lots of fun! Here's a picture my boss took a couple weeks ago.  Roller holding a calf.
    I popped my rib out again about 10 day's ago not sure how I did it. Man O' Man did it hurt. I think I'm getting smarter. I went to the chiropractor yesterday before my fingers started to go numb like last time. Back fencing tomorrow then cow work on friday. Thats about all I have for now. Until next time take care

Sunday, June 10, 2012


  Sorry I havent posted in awhile. I 've been busy with work and havent really felt like playing on the computer. Been fixing alot of fence lately. Trying to get around pastures that we will summer cows in. Making sure the fences are still up and no holes in them. We have been working cows around and branding. We branded a big jag of calves the other day on the table. We are gonna brand more calves this Wednesday. We are roping them.
  I think I popped a rib out last week. I thought it was getting better. Friday it started to really bother me now I cant hardly move my neck. It SUCKS!!! I tried a trick my Dad swore by, Laying on the floor and rolling a tennis ball under your back on the sore spot. It helps a little bit.
  The W.R.C.A had a Ranch Rodeo yesterday in our town. I learned alot just watching them guy's. Sharon went with me and said she enjoyed it also. She did take her knitting and got alot done.
I mowed our acre + yard yesterday before the rodeo. Man it sure looks so much better. Got more to mow and weed whack. But its a really good start.
  Sharon and I feel like we are starting to fall into a rut. We really havent been doing anything to fun lately. So we are gonna try to have a date night or something. Even if it is just go into town for dinner and a slice of pie. I've got a hell'va good woman here and she sure make's me proud!
  I still haven't found my good camera. I'm pretty dang sure it's in the house but I can't find it. It will show up in the last place I expect it. Thats about all I've got for today. Until next time take care.