Friday, January 28, 2011

Doctoring heifers

   So yesterday was kinda fun. After I got done feeding in the morning I went to Headquarter after lunch. To find out what we where gonna do. Lee tells me we are gonna Dr the coming 2yrs heifers, there are 3 that need shots So we fire up the 4-wheelers and go try to sort the 3 we need out of the herd. We get 2 headed in the right direction but the 3rd one takes off  the wrong way at a high lope. So we chase her around a bit in the snow slipping and slidding till she is convinced that  she should go with the other two.
    We get them headed to the calving barn. Because we have to use the head catch in there, the squeeze chute that we would use is buried in snow. We get one going down the alley but she won't put her head in the headcatch she turns around and dang near gets her head caught in the gate. Get her turned around then she see's the headcatch and and finally thinks thats the way out and hits the catch like a runaway train. We get her doctored and turn her loose. Lee and I look at each other and laugh, then I jinx it and say I hope the other two are easier.
   Lee goes back into the barn cause the ol' rips find the farthest, darkest corner to hide in. I stay up front  to watch the gate and make sure they make it around the funky corner. Lee gets back there and one heifer I wont say charged him, but he didn't give her the chance either he jumps on the fence. He gets her moving down the alley and we are starting to think we have her. Thats when we notice we didnt re-open the gate to the catch. She see's she cant go in and turns before we can get the gate open. She come smoking down the alley like she was afire. Now she wont go back down the alley and she can see the heifer we just turned out. About this time she got really hot and would have hooked us for sure given the chance. No chance was given! Finally we turn her and get her moving the wrong way and get her in the catch. She also hit the headcatch like sucker punch from Mike Tyson. Rattling stuff half way down the barn. She gets her shots and bolluses and turned her loose.
  The next heifer was an angel compaired to the other two. She dang near just walked in to the head catch. We kind were wondering what was gonna go wrong. But she was the sickest of the three. No problem.
  Get back on the 4-wheeler and herd them back to their pasture. Of course they had to walk in the deepest snow drifts where we can't get them on the 4-wheelers. They would just stop and not move so have to get off the wheeler and plod through knee deep drifts the get them to move again. Haha its kinda funny how dumb a cow is and yet so smart. Well that was my day yesterday. I really like working cows. There is always something to learn. Until next time take care

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