Sunday, January 30, 2011


     Just a few words of advice. DON'T take the tests you hear on the radio until you know what test your taking! So I listen to the radio when I'm feeding and a commercial comes on. They list six symptoms and I, talking to myself as it sometimes happens, start answering the questions. I get three out of the six. Then they say if you answered yes to just one you are suffering from menopause. To find out more on how to get a free sample contact a doctor.
 Well I'm a healthy man in my 30's this is not a problem I think I need to worry about. Does this stuff just happen to me or anyone else? Until next time take care

Saturday, January 29, 2011


   Sharon and I were talking about my last post. She was saying that it kinda hard to read. It took a while for her to tell me this, she didn't what to hurt my feelings. It's because my grammar and punctuation are bad. So I am looking for helpful criticism.  Writing this blog is helping me get my ideas and thought out of my head. I want this blog to be fun and easy to read. Not some thing that needs to be read 2-4 times to get the jest of what I'm writing. I am trying to improve my writing skills and relearn or just learn how to write. So my readers you are subjected to my learn curve. Hoping you will see a vast improvement in the future. Sharon told me that I'm a great story teller. Now we just need to work on getting the story's unkinked and out of my head, and put down so that they are easy to read. Like an old timer told me once "if you ain't looking to improve your wasting time".
   Thank you Sharon for being honest and helping me with this.
Until next time take care

Friday, January 28, 2011

Doctoring heifers

   So yesterday was kinda fun. After I got done feeding in the morning I went to Headquarter after lunch. To find out what we where gonna do. Lee tells me we are gonna Dr the coming 2yrs heifers, there are 3 that need shots So we fire up the 4-wheelers and go try to sort the 3 we need out of the herd. We get 2 headed in the right direction but the 3rd one takes off  the wrong way at a high lope. So we chase her around a bit in the snow slipping and slidding till she is convinced that  she should go with the other two.
    We get them headed to the calving barn. Because we have to use the head catch in there, the squeeze chute that we would use is buried in snow. We get one going down the alley but she won't put her head in the headcatch she turns around and dang near gets her head caught in the gate. Get her turned around then she see's the headcatch and and finally thinks thats the way out and hits the catch like a runaway train. We get her doctored and turn her loose. Lee and I look at each other and laugh, then I jinx it and say I hope the other two are easier.
   Lee goes back into the barn cause the ol' rips find the farthest, darkest corner to hide in. I stay up front  to watch the gate and make sure they make it around the funky corner. Lee gets back there and one heifer I wont say charged him, but he didn't give her the chance either he jumps on the fence. He gets her moving down the alley and we are starting to think we have her. Thats when we notice we didnt re-open the gate to the catch. She see's she cant go in and turns before we can get the gate open. She come smoking down the alley like she was afire. Now she wont go back down the alley and she can see the heifer we just turned out. About this time she got really hot and would have hooked us for sure given the chance. No chance was given! Finally we turn her and get her moving the wrong way and get her in the catch. She also hit the headcatch like sucker punch from Mike Tyson. Rattling stuff half way down the barn. She gets her shots and bolluses and turned her loose.
  The next heifer was an angel compaired to the other two. She dang near just walked in to the head catch. We kind were wondering what was gonna go wrong. But she was the sickest of the three. No problem.
  Get back on the 4-wheeler and herd them back to their pasture. Of course they had to walk in the deepest snow drifts where we can't get them on the 4-wheelers. They would just stop and not move so have to get off the wheeler and plod through knee deep drifts the get them to move again. Haha its kinda funny how dumb a cow is and yet so smart. Well that was my day yesterday. I really like working cows. There is always something to learn. Until next time take care

Thursday, January 27, 2011


    I'm feeling kinda tired, got plenty of sleep. I think it was good sleep to. There is just alot of stuff running through my mind right now. We have a lot of planning and organizing to do.
    We will be moving back to the great state of Wyoming , Lusk Wyoming. I got a new job there. Wyoming is where Sharon and I feel like home is. Its where we got married and planned on spending our lives there. Now we are moving back and the job is a lot of saddle time for me and roping. Still a ranch job haying, fencing, turning wrenches you know everything and anything that is needed to be done. It is a great opportunity for me. Its closer to town which will be nice.............I think? There is a quilting shop there so Sharon is excited about that. We will be closer to family also.
  Well until next time take care

Monday, January 24, 2011


    Just having a hard time coming up with something to write tonight.......I have a bunch of ideas but they are all about half baked and I wouldn't know how to finish them if I started. Soooo now you just get me rambling.
    Have you noticed that most people complain about the lack of craftsmanship in the products that are made? But when you make the comment you get what you pay for. They get kinda pissy. Take  horse gear for example. People will ohhhh and ahhhh over a piece of gear, then when they learn the price they say oooohhhhh really, I can get the same thing at Murdock's or Big R. It just rubs me wrong. Because it's NOT the same. One is made by hand in a guys basement or garage after he has already put in the hours at his "real" job. He or She has spend alot of time and money learning skills, buying tools and supply's to have some Jerk degrade the work by comparing it to some thing made in China. They have no idea how much work and talent goes into a project and probaly don't care anyway.
   It's just sad to see mass produced products that won't last long and will be replaced again and again. When you can spend a little more and buy a solid quality item that will last. Wouldn't that help save the planet? Just a thought...............well take care until next time

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Funny story

   This story takes place in Arizona when I was a dude wrangler. So Im taking my group of dudes on a mountain ride there were 6-8 people. It was one of those trashy kinda days cloudy a little windy kinda cold but not really. You know the day.
   We were riding along trying to pass some time so I tell a joke "family oriented" for those that know me. Im riding slow because we have some slackers, they wont keep their horses moving they just let them mosey along. I've been trying to motivated them all morning. There is a older lady on the ride lets call her Bea. Bea is with her daughter and grandson. Bea's daughter warned me Bea can be a firecracker. Ok I have learned to work with all types of people. I noticed Bea was a firecracker when she got tired of the "slackers" and ripped into them to keep up. Bea says if, She an 80 something lady can keep up then they should have no problems. They kept up better. Bea is a southern belle, she outlived three husbands.
   So enough background. Bea's grandson starts telling jokes after I told one. Then Bea not to be outdone by anybody. Says I have a joke! I saw Bea's daughter roll her eyes and I think groaned. So Bea dives straight in to her joke.  Bea asks "Why are boobs like martini's?"  Shrugs all around and slight head shaking waiting for the answer........"Because one's not enough and three's to many!"
   Sometime' I drag this story out of the old mind when I need a laugh. It always brings a smile. Needless to say that day was pretty funny. Until next time take care

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


    The other day I was sitting here at the computer, and looked out the window to see four wild turkey hens walking by. They have been entertaining to say the least. They have been in the yard a few feet from the house and windows. I don't think the two heelers really care about them at all. But the bossy little Corgi, Now that another story. When we let the dogs out Cord the Corgi just tears off looking for them. He knows where they nest, they are nesting in the trees above the driveway over the cattle guard. So he goes straight there stands under them and barks. They could care less. Sharon had the dogs out yesterday and the turkeys were on the ground and he starts chasing them. So Sharon is trying to call Cord off the turkeys.  She called him off but jeepers dog. I guess he is just trying to protect us from the freakish birds that are bigger than him. Well until next time take care

Sunday, January 16, 2011


    This is just my take on one of the things wrong with our society. We are lacking in MANNER'S! It seams to me that most people might have some manners but are A) to lazy to use them B) embarrassed to use them or C) don't want to stand out.
   Is it really that hard to hold a door open for someone? Will the split second it takes make you that late? I like holding doors open for people and giving them a smile. It is amazing how many people don't know how to respond to this. Some just look at me funny and walk by without saying anything. Other's will stop and take hold of the door from me say thank you, and hold it for the next person.
   Please and Thank you are words that should be said also. How difficult is it to say Thank You when someone does something for you? When asking for anything Please should also be used. I guess all I'm saying is we need to slow down a touch and lead by example. Thank you for reading this and have a great day! Until next time take care

Friday, January 14, 2011

  I really don't have any thing to say this morning. I'm feeding cows pretty much all day now. So I have lots of time to think and I think of all these great topic's.  I should write down some of the topics in my tally book. Then when I get in front of the computer the mind goes blank.............
   I guess we can talk about the weather but then that horse is beat to death. Everyone talks about the weather. It is kinda funny though, talking about the weather. My wife and I are originally from California, and we have lived in Wyoming and now Montana. People complain about how cold it is, how much snow we have,  how windy it is, well you get the idea.  We were talking about this the other night that these are people born and bred here, and they act surprised by how cold or windy it is. Its the northern plains!!!! To us its winter its gonna be cold and windy, we just suck it up and go on living. It sure in the heck beats living in California, nice weather there or not. Its nice to have seasons. Watching the leafs change colour, watching the animals start putting on their winter fat and coats. Watching the song birds slowly head south. Then Papa Winter dumps a load of snow and we know winter is here. The short day's and long nights. But man oh man when sister Spring shows up its so nice to see the green grass start pushing through the snow and mud. Well until next  time take care

Thursday, January 13, 2011

        Well where to start......  I guess I can say we are in the monotony of feeding cattle seven days a week here. It a heck of a work out, on the tractor to drive, off the tractor to get gate and and make sure the bale is square before lifting, on the tractor to move it, get off to close the gate. I think you get the idea. Cow's are wintering good, looking happy. Don't know how they look happy when its 0 and below. They look happy to see the hay coming to them though.
   I took Sharon out to dinner last night......Well the Vigortone Mineral rep had a dinner and some speakers on the mineral cows need and herd health. Learned about the horn fly and the damage they do to cattle. I won a ball cap and a pocket knife. It was fun I got off the ranch for awhile and got to see some neighbors. It felt so nice to put a hat on that didn't have ear flaps and wear boots that weren't  pac boots. Here a pict of me putting out mineral in the spring. Look there is green there!! Until next time take care

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


  Here's the sunrise I was greeted to this morning. Notice the two rainbow on either side of the sun? Kinda pretty if you ask me. I hope two rainbows is double good luck!
We got over 0 for a couple minutes today.
The yearlings following Lee in the cake truck. Is amazing how active they get when they hear the siren on the cake truck calling them. Well that about all I have today, kinda tired. Still trying to figure out how to post pictures where I want them on this deal. So i guess we will learn together.  Remember these pictures were taken with my broken camera. I could only see about a quarter of the screen. Not to bad. I guess its really a point and shoot camera now. Until next time take care

Saturday, January 8, 2011


   I got a gift card for Amazon from the in-laws for Christmas. So I put it to good work. I ordered the new Mackie Hedges book and Arnold Rojas book. Went over budget on them but,  I know I will enjoy them. Man oh man do I love books. There is just something so nice about holding a book in your hand. The weight, the crispness of the pages of a new book. The silky soft whispering sounds of an old books pages being turned. I like to think about how many people have read and talked about the book in my hand. If the book could talk, what it would say? Where has it been?  Was it a comfort to someone on a plane trip, a boat trip? Did it change the way a person looks at the world? Did it just sit on a book shelve and look into the room begging to be read one more time? Was it read and reread time and again? I enjoy just looking at our book shelf and trying to decide what I what to read. Some times I walk away with no book in hand, but comfort in my mind know my friends the books are still there. Until next time take care

Friday, January 7, 2011

Here's a couple pictures of my wife and I. The first one is us at the Mission San Antonio on one of our first dates. We had a picnic lunch in the rose garden. We just took a drive up Hwy 1 and I showed Sharon some of the area that I worked. Terrific day! When I spent a summer on a U.S.F Wildland fire crew. Not often do you see me without a hat...   
Here Sharon and I are on Easter Sunday in Arizona on our way to my Aunt and Uncle for lunch. Sharon met my Grandmother for the first time. Sharon now wears my Grandmothers wedding band. Its a pretty cool deal. Well I want to post more pictures but the computer is loading sooooo slow. Until next time take care

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Coffee cups

  Who has a favorite coffee cup or mug? I  do! My's is just a green plastic to-go cup. I got it for free at the Range Beef Symposium. It advertises scour protection by Guardian. It holds just enough coffee and it really keeps the coffee at drinking temperature. It goes every where with me in the mornings on the tractor, in the pick-up and to the shop. At the end of the day I sometimes need to find my friend who has fallen on the floor on the pick-up and is being abused by the grease gun,  a can of oil, an old throw rope, fencing pliers, a couple water jugs and a couple jackets trying to smother it. When it is brought in the house I have to put it in a special place or Sharon will wash it. The cup gets washed maybe twice a month. It has water in between the outside wall and the insulation from being washed. Washing takes the coffee taste out of the plastic and will wear the cup out faster. Haha
   I also have a coffee cup I like to use at night for tea or hot cider. I got it when I took my Grandfather on a fishing trip in '99. My grandfather was 89 years old on that trip. We went to the Sierra's so he could show me all his old fishing spots and places he took his family trips. That was the trip of a life time!! I have traveled all over and none of the trips can hold a candle to the trip with Gramp's! He was spinning tales ( I think most where true) with a twinkle in his eye. He showed me where him and his Mother camped in Red Rock canyon on Hwy 395 when he was 8 I think. They were moving from Provo area Utah to San Berdo Ca. He said the trip took 4/6 days on a three track road. He was telling tales about growing in mining camps it Utah, My Great Grandmother ran a boarding house in the camps. Writing this is just dredging up tons of great memories! I think I will have to write about that trip some time. Gosh I wish I could remember all the story's he told me. I just remember bits and pieces.
   There was one about him and a friend landing a plane at Edwards air base because they ran out off fuel flying back from Bishop. I'll try and remember more and write it down it was kinda funny.
 Well until next time take care

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

That day....

   You ever just have that day? It's not a bad day it really probably was a good day. But your just tired or worn out? And really for no reason? You got to bed early enough and slept well.
     The morning chores, cows all fed, calves fed and checked over for any sick ones. No sick ones today. Nice warm weather a little snow but nice to be out in. Worked in the shop, serviced work truck. Came home fed the calves in the feedlot again. Walk in the house just blahhhhh, kiss my wife, get out of all the clothes, put on the slippers, play with the dogs for a few minutes. Not really hungry but need to eat, what is the old stand by in this house???? A can of chili with some cheese and saltines with cheese and a couple glasses of water.
  The highlight of the day was watching the feedlot calves tonight running and bucking around. Just kickin up their heel's feeling good. Nice weather makes them run around like a bunch of crazed teenagers.........Ohhhhh they are crazed teenagers. So I didn't have the heart to tell them to enjoy it while it lasts. We are supposed to get an arctic blast and have lows in the -20's next week. Well until next time take care

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


  The last two sunrises have been just amazing!! I would show pictures but..... I forgot the camera. The pinks and almost an orange color dance and reflect on the snow, as the great warming orb crests the horizon. Bringing with her the start of a new day. A day to start fresh. So breath deep in the frosty air. Clear the mind of the every day mundane junk. Pause, look, listen and enjoy. Remember its the little things in life that matter the most. Hold your wife just that second longer, let the kiss linger on the lips, carry her scent with you through the day and remember the smile for a lifetime.   Until next time take care

Sunday, January 2, 2011

  It was snowy and windy today, got done feeding around One.  I was kinda hungry so I made a couple grilled cheese samwichs one with pepperoni the other just cheese, And tomato soup but I chopped up some jalapeno peppers and threw them in the soup. It kinda spiced it up a touch. Who says I aint a gourmet cook?  I can cook and like to cook. Sharon and I really enjoy cooking together its a great way for us the talk and laugh. Some how she is always laughing at me.....
  Gonna spend some hard earned money and buy some leather tools. My Mom got me a DVD for Christmas on how to make chinks and some chap leather. The DVD is from Cow Camp Saddlery. He make some really nice gear. I need a new pair of chinks and whats a better present than making your own stuff? So Im looking forward to the project. I get to learn some thing and will have made my own gear, the way I wanted it. I'll post pictures of the process.  So I think I'm gonna go watch the chink making DVD again. Trying to soak up as much as I can.
  Sharon is a quilting nut!! She is always on the sewing machine. Cutting fabric so she can sew it back together again. She has gotten really handy with it. Now if I can just talk her into fixing my jeans and shirts...... Until next time take care

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Day

 We made it another year!!! It a chilly start to the New Year it's -14. The good thing is there is no wind!!! Hoping that doesn't prove me wrong.
  Sharon didn't go into work last night. We had a really nice evening. We watched the Simpson's and chatted had spaghetti for supper. I made it till after 9 I think before falling asleep on the couch. Sharon woke me up a little after 11 and said it was time for bed. Pretty low key here.
   When I was feeding yesterday I saw 2 buck's one had a nice rack and the other was smaller. Anyway they were in the hay stackyard. It's old wheatstraw brown and nasty but anyway the 2 deer where standing on the bales and jumping from bale to bale. It was about dusk so it was mostly profiles I could see. Just kinda cool to see.
   I 'm really enjoying writing this blog. I'm not much for grammar or spelling. That stuff get's in the way of the creative writing process. Well until next time take care