Sunday, March 30, 2014


The new job is going good. Been learning alot fast. I've been putting in lots of hours. Its funny how I used to think a semi-truck was big. Now it's just a large car. It feels strange in a normal sized vehicle.
We are wanting to buy a home. So these long hours have a purpose and a goal. We would like a couple acres and a 3-4 bedroom home. Something comfortable with a fireplace or a place to put a wood burner.
A friend of my Mom send Ruby an Easter dress. Its really pretty and very girly. Daddy's little girl all dolled up.

Until next time take care

Saturday, March 22, 2014

2 years

It was two years ago yesterday that my father passed away. I miss him. There is so much I want to share with him. I wish he could have met Ruby. I know he would love her so much, and she would love him. I wish he could bounce her on his knee and sing those goofy kids songs to her. I can just see them playing together and laughing.

The new job is going good. Im getting the hang of it. This is one of the trucks I'm driving.

I can't wait til spring gets here. Getting tired of winter and not knowing if we can get in and out of the house. Because of snowdrifts. Hope they get the road/bridge fixed soon. This thing sucks to drive over.

Until next time take care

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Life changes

We had a big change in our lives. I lost my job here on the ranch a month ago. My old boss was helping me get my CDL. So I've been home with my girls and really getting to know Ruby and spending quality time with her. I got a job last week driving a water truck in the oil field around here. I've been learning to drive and operate these trucks.

We are looking at losing my job on the ranch as a motivater. We have always wanted to get our own home. Now we will be able to do that and have health insurance and retirement. I love ranching but I need to take care of my family. I really like the new job it gonna be challenging. Life is an adventure.
Ruby is doing great. She is 11months already. It's crazy how fast she is growing. She has 8 teeth and is starting to get a molar. She is walking every where, and jabbers all the time. She wore jeans today for the first time.

Until next time take care

Saturday, March 1, 2014


You ever have someone in your life who taught you something and helped guide you through a rough time? But you didn't realize it at the time? A person who was there? Not for problems you were dealing with but just there to talk. This person I'm talking about is my hunting mentor. He is a hunting fool. A real mountain man. That being said with the utmost respect. I learned to hunt and guide from him. Together we hunted pigs, deer, turkey, quail, pigeons, ducks and coyotes. Oh and fishing trout in the mountains and rock fish in the ocean. The memories and stories I have of hunting with him I will share with my daughter. It's hard to write this because I remember another story he told me or an adventure we had. I would love to share them with you but then this would be a book. This picture of him was taken when I shot my first deer in '02 it was a late season draw tag in the Ventana wilderness.

I shot a nice forky blacktail. He wasn't a monster but I was hunting with a great friend on a draw tag in wild county. It was a great hunt. I got him mounted and every time I see him on the wall it brings a smile.
That's the Pacific ocean in the back ground. I packed the deer out about 2miles out to the truck. He was shot in one of the draws over my right shoulder.

One of the pigs we guided.

I owe a huge thank you to Eldon for spending the time to teach me skills that I use all the time. Skills that I will share with my daughter. Until next time take care.