Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Trophy wall

   We have a trophy wall. My trophy wife shot the deer on the right. It is her first deer. I am so proud of her! She shot it when we lived in Dubois. It's really nice mule deer. It was a big help filling the freezer.
  My first deer is the one the left. I shot it on a late season hunt in the Ventana wilderness in California. He's a black tail. I shot him over looking the ocean. It was a great day! I was hunting with a great friend and mentor, Eldon. Haha When it comes to spinning stories and tales........There is just no stopping him. I was guiding with him hunting pigs. When I shot the Bobcat. Eldon taught me pretty much everything I know about hunting. I used a bunch of things he taught me to shoot the turkey. I called the turkey across a creek, a county road and three fences. Shot him with a 20 gauge. Our hat rack and flag holder is a 3x3 my Grandfather shot in Ruby Lake NV in '82
Well until next time take care

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week of first's

   This week I learned how to swath or cut hay, and how to run the bailer. It's kinda cool making hay. Knowing that every bail that is made will be fed out this winter.  Watching the hay fall under the cutting blades of the swather into windrow's is pretty in its own sort of way.
   I get a tooth pulled tomorrow, it has really started to hurt. I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm looking forward to get it pulled. I was gonna get it pulled last week but the dentist took X-rays and said she can't pull it. I have to go to a specialist, the root is really close to my sinus cavity.  She was afraid if she pulled it that she would open a hole between my sinus's and mouth. Not good.
 Thats about it here, until next time take care

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our Home

  Here's a picture of our "yard."  I went out to check water for the heifers and took this shot looking at our home.
Here's the heifers trailing off water. Just playing follow the leader.
This is a sunset.
If you click on my photo's they will get bigger. Well that it for tonight. Until next time take care.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday date

    I got Saturday off, so Sharon and I had a date afternoon. It was a great day!! We went to the hardware store got some needed supplies. Then went over to the Pizza Place for lunch. They have great food!! Then we just kinda wandered around town. Went into the Radio Shack and got a emergency weather radio. So we can stay updated on the weather in our area. We then ambled over to the town museum and looked at the history of our new home, Lusk. Boy there was alot of thing that happened here. The museum is just full of old pictures and just nifty old stuff! Like a two headed calf!
Here's an Iron lung machine. I don't know how they worked..........But here one is.
Here is the stagecoach that ran from Deadwood to Casper.
  When we got home we were gonna BBQ and eat outside on the front landing. Just a nice dinner and enjoy where we live. Mother Nature had other plans for us. She opened the show with a thunderstorm. Which knocked out the power so we fired up the weather radio. Guess what? It didn't work very well at all, It barely pulled in the station from Douglas. So we will take it back. Sharon light the lanterns and we listened to Festus tell us everytime it thundered. We got 3tenths of an inch of rain in the storm. It only rained maybe ten minutes. I asked Sharon to dance with me outside on the front patio and we watched the lighting blast the sky apart east of us. It was a great lighting show playing off the clouds.
  So much for our romantic dinner outside. The power came back on a little later and we made a steak salad with leftovers and rootbeer floats. Still a great night!!
Until next time take care

Friday, July 15, 2011

100th post

  It was hot here again. Sharon said it was 95 in town. I was fixing fence today, the neighbors steers tore down a corner of the fence. So  my boss and I set railroad tie corner posts. That should keep them on their side. I took this picture going into my yard this afternoon. Hope you all can see the rabbit it the shade.
   I made a joke about how skinny I am and that there was plenty of shade for me under a barbwire fence. The rabbit is thinking along those same lines.
    Here is a picture of the prairie with a thunder storm rolling in.
     Until next time take care

Monday, July 11, 2011

Week of the 4th

I tried getting some pictures of the fireworks........ But with my camera that the viewfinder is broken, I think I'm still getting good pictures though. It just makes it more of a challenge. I might break down and buy a new camera. So here is a firework shot.
  Tuesday we branded some calves that were around 550-600 pounds. They were fun to rope!! We headed and healed. We had some smaller ones also. We did about 50 calves. There was just four of us roping, so we had three roping and one to work the ground. Kevin's wife came over and helped. I learned alot! I just need to do more of it. Saturday my boss and I went over to his friends and helped him brand some calves. We healed them there. Boy, do I need practice healing calves. Then we went up to our Lance Creek pasture and got a calf out of the neighbors pasture.
   Lusk has a really cool production the town puts on every year. It was started in 1945 it went on for a number of years then stopped and they started it up again in 1986. Its called the Legend of Rawhide. It the story of how the Rawhide Buttes got their name. If your ever in the area in July make sure to see the show!! I'll let the picture tell most of the story. Heres the Indians are playing games and living the life.
 Here comes the settlers on their way the goldfields of California. That wagon is being pulled by oxen. They are BIG!
Indians attacking the wagons.
Thats about all I have for now. Well almost. We went over to Scottsbluff on Sunday for shopping. We took the long way over. We stopped at the Agate Fossil beds. Its a really cool place. If your into fossils check it out. Until next time take care.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


     Well summer got here and its hot!! Not as hot as other places but its hot enough for me. We are gonna start haying here this coming week.
   My horse Bart cut his shoulder so I took him to the vet on Wednesday. He got a drain tube put in, and I've been DR'ing him everyday. He is healing fast so thats good. He is a big wimp when it come to getting his shots or just about anything. I am learning tons from him though.
    We went to a new church today and met some people in town. We are looking for a good place to worship. We have gone to a church in Torrington but its just under an hour from us and we want some thing a little closer.
   We are looking forward to the 4th of July fireworks in town tomorrow. I hope everyone takes a minute to remember the reason we are celebrating tomorrow. Until next time take care.