Thursday, September 29, 2011


   Today we went out and checked the cows and put up no hunting signs. We went up to our Lance creek pasture and scouted for deer and antelope. My boss was also teaching me the pastures there, so when it comes time to start the fall works. I have a good idea on how we will gather them pastures. We found a friend on the road. He didn't get off the road either.
   My boss showed me acouple old homesteads. Really cool stuff.
Here the inside of the homestead.
Here's an old sheep barn at another homestead.
What do you think of this garage on the sheep ranch?
Hope you enjoyed these photo's. I could have spent acouple hours wandering around and exploring. I should take Sharon there on a picnic. Until next time take care

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


  Well hunting season starts up here in a couple days. So for the next 2 weeks I'll be guiding hunters. I'll be guiding for antelope. I pretty excited about it, it should be fun. I'll try to keep you all posted on how things are going. I don't have any camo so my super talented wife Sharon made me a shirt. Now try not to laugh when you look at the picture of me... :)
I'm goofin around here.
I was a guide for pigs when I lived in California. With pigs I didn't need camo. Pigs have poor eye sight so they don't care what you look like. Until next time take care

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday Brunch

    Sharon and I like to cook, so we try to make brunch on Sundays. It is our day to relax and enjoy working together in the kitchen. This is our version of Huevos Rancheros. Fry up some corn tortillas, top them with a couple eggs. I like my eggs over medium, but however you eat em. Heat a can of Chili cover everything, grate cheese over the top. Sometimes I'll top the whole deal with jalapenos, onions and Tabasco sauce. Today we used some green tomatos of some kind.  Mmmmmmmm Tasty!!!!
  Then we went to the Quilt show in Torrington. Sharon "drug" me there. Haha. Its a fair trade, I drag her into every saddle shop, Gun shop/ Outdoor store, western store and make her look at horse/stock trailers. My favorite quilts at the shows I get 'drug' to are the old one's that have been in family's for generations. Reading the history of them is really cool. I love Americana history. Every thing on them is hand done. No quilting machine. I forgot my camera in the car or I would have a couple pictures of quilts. It's just amazing the work that goes into a quilt. I have a really good idea about the work that goes into them being married to a quilter. So it was a really good day off. Well until next time take care

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sunday stills - On the road

   I had a lot of fun with the challenge this week. There is just so many shots I wanted to get but just didn't have my camera with me. Enjoy! Two track road checking mineral, cow trail on the side.
Here's my driveway. My house is in the trees.
   The county road getting to my house.
The drive to work.

Clicking on the pictures makes them bigger.
Until next time take care.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


   We have had some cold weather and rain the last couple days. We still have a little bit of hay on the ground to bale.  We just needed half a day of warm weather and we would be finished with the haying. Man it was quite the shock for the body when the temperature drops from the lows 80 to the low 50s in a day.
  Today we went out early this morning to do some scouting for deer and antelope. Hunting season starts in acouple weeks. We will be guiding hunters. It should be a good time, and hard work.
    We went and picked up one of our heifers from the neighbors. They missed sorting her out of their steers that went to the sale barn. So she got a ride to Torrington and back. When we picked her up she was kinda riled up. She wasn't on the fight but it wouldn't have taken much for her to be. Lets just say we kept an eye on her.
Until next time take care

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sunday Stills - Shiny Things

   I kinda had a hard time with this weeks shots. I looked and looked and couldn't find anything I liked, then I saw these on my way to a horse clinic. This is the bumper of my ranch truck.
Here's the roof of a shed here.
Until  next time take care

Horse Clinic

     I never been to horse clinic before so I didn't know what to expect. I went and sat on the bench "kinda like sports for me in high school". I took an open mind and wanting to learn more about horses.
  Bruce Laird put on the clinic. He was easy to understand and did a really good job of explaining what he wanted the horses and riders to do. Here Bruce is explaining tension on the reins when a horse is bumping or throwing his head.
   Bruce talked about what he calls the teeter, that is when you rock a horse so his weight is on the front end then rock him back and his weight is on his hind end. It is just getting control of the horses feet. He said you need to think of the horses feet as your own. Because if he can't move easily when asked, he can't do the job being asked of him. Bruce working with a horse. Showing us how to get him soft on his leads.
  It was an day well spent. Now if I can just remember everything I learned. There was a wide variety of skill in the riders and horses. Its cool to see people so willing to learn to improve themselves and their horses.
  Until next time take care

Friday, September 9, 2011

My office today

   We are now done cutting hay for the year! All we have to do is bale now. Here was my view today.

It was kinda funny day. I hit a skunk with the swather, and boy did my nose and eyes let me know. I heard a thump sound and then a sensory overload. WOW! Glad the wind was blowing away from me.
  My boss got off his tractor and dang near stepped on a rattle snake. Lets just say the world is less one snake.
I'm going to a horse clinic tomorrow. Looking forward to that I'm just sitting in the stands but Im sure I'll learn a ton just watching.
Until next time take care

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday's Works

    Today was a horseback day! WOOHOO I love days like today. We gathered the replacement heifers and moved them to another pasture. We sorted the bulls off the girls. Play time for the boys is over. Sharon got a couple pictures of us sorting the bulls off. Here you can see my boss in the back cutting bulls from the herd and me trailing them out to another pasture.

  When we got done here I went and checked on the pairs. There were 2 calves that looked a little under the weather. So they got roped and doctored. Today was just windy and cloudy. It really has the feeling of fall now. Clicking on the pictures makes them bigger.
Until next time take care

Monday, September 5, 2011

Devils Tower

    We made it to the Devils Tower Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering yesterday. Great fun!! Met Some people in person from a Ranching website I'm on.  It was a great day.
Sharon and the kids. Sharon and her "I never leave home without my quilting box". We had a Subway picnic lunch. We were gonna make a real picnic lunch but we just didn't get moving. So Subway it was.
  The performer's were Daron Little, DW Grothe, Robert Dennis, Chance Dennis and a lady I cant remember her name.
  It was a great day we just relaxed and enjoyed the music and poems. I linked Daron's name to his website, So go check it out.
 Until next time take care

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sunday stills - Potluck, means anything I want to post!

I took all the shots here on Friday night coming home from checking water on a couple windmills. I saw this Hawk on a fence post and by the time I got the camera out he was flying.

Click on the pictures to make bigger.
Until next time take care

Saturdays workings

    We have been baling hay this last week. My boss finished baling the field early this morning. Then my boss rewarded himself and I by spending all day in the saddle checking cows. We found a couple calves that needed roping and doctoring. This picture I took from under the truck when we had lunch. My saddle on the ground, cooling my horses back.
 We went up to our Lance Creek pasture after checking cows. We went up there so my boss can show me some more of the ranch. That and we heard there was a fire there so we wanted to see what it looked like. Lucky it wasn't a very big fire. We can thank lighting for starting it.
Here's some black cows in the black or the burn.
Heres some of the country from a high point. I think this is amazing country. Cedar and pine trees in front and the buttes of the plains in the background.
 We are off to the cowboy poetry gathering tomorrow. Good Times. Have a great weekend and be safe.
Until next time take care
Click on the pictures to make bigger.