Thursday, January 27, 2011


    I'm feeling kinda tired, got plenty of sleep. I think it was good sleep to. There is just alot of stuff running through my mind right now. We have a lot of planning and organizing to do.
    We will be moving back to the great state of Wyoming , Lusk Wyoming. I got a new job there. Wyoming is where Sharon and I feel like home is. Its where we got married and planned on spending our lives there. Now we are moving back and the job is a lot of saddle time for me and roping. Still a ranch job haying, fencing, turning wrenches you know everything and anything that is needed to be done. It is a great opportunity for me. Its closer to town which will be nice.............I think? There is a quilting shop there so Sharon is excited about that. We will be closer to family also.
  Well until next time take care

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Linda said...

There is no shame in good ranch work and at least now you can get a horseback again. Glad you found something where you want to be.