Thursday, January 20, 2011

Funny story

   This story takes place in Arizona when I was a dude wrangler. So Im taking my group of dudes on a mountain ride there were 6-8 people. It was one of those trashy kinda days cloudy a little windy kinda cold but not really. You know the day.
   We were riding along trying to pass some time so I tell a joke "family oriented" for those that know me. Im riding slow because we have some slackers, they wont keep their horses moving they just let them mosey along. I've been trying to motivated them all morning. There is a older lady on the ride lets call her Bea. Bea is with her daughter and grandson. Bea's daughter warned me Bea can be a firecracker. Ok I have learned to work with all types of people. I noticed Bea was a firecracker when she got tired of the "slackers" and ripped into them to keep up. Bea says if, She an 80 something lady can keep up then they should have no problems. They kept up better. Bea is a southern belle, she outlived three husbands.
   So enough background. Bea's grandson starts telling jokes after I told one. Then Bea not to be outdone by anybody. Says I have a joke! I saw Bea's daughter roll her eyes and I think groaned. So Bea dives straight in to her joke.  Bea asks "Why are boobs like martini's?"  Shrugs all around and slight head shaking waiting for the answer........"Because one's not enough and three's to many!"
   Sometime' I drag this story out of the old mind when I need a laugh. It always brings a smile. Needless to say that day was pretty funny. Until next time take care