Saturday, January 29, 2011


   Sharon and I were talking about my last post. She was saying that it kinda hard to read. It took a while for her to tell me this, she didn't what to hurt my feelings. It's because my grammar and punctuation are bad. So I am looking for helpful criticism.  Writing this blog is helping me get my ideas and thought out of my head. I want this blog to be fun and easy to read. Not some thing that needs to be read 2-4 times to get the jest of what I'm writing. I am trying to improve my writing skills and relearn or just learn how to write. So my readers you are subjected to my learn curve. Hoping you will see a vast improvement in the future. Sharon told me that I'm a great story teller. Now we just need to work on getting the story's unkinked and out of my head, and put down so that they are easy to read. Like an old timer told me once "if you ain't looking to improve your wasting time".
   Thank you Sharon for being honest and helping me with this.
Until next time take care


Anonymous said...

Well then I must be pretty poor at this stuff too as I have never seen anything wrong with how you write. I write like I talk. we ain't professors, you know! :)

Sharon said...

I'm by no means a "professor" either, but what's wrong with the art of the written word?

There's nothing wrong with writing how you speak, but personally, I have a hard time reading it. (And when I say "you" I mean anyone that writes that way.) I also have a hard time with all the LOLs, @'s, and other text/twitter gibberish that people type. In fact that's the first time I have ever used that three letter combination, it drives me nuts, but that's just me. I do like my smiley faces though. :)

Everyone has their own way of writing and the important thing is that the story is told.

Jake said...

I'm just trying to make my story's flow. Sharon was pointing out ways to make it easier and make more sense. I write the way I speak also. I have noticed that some of my stuff is choppy some times. I want to be the best writer I can be. I always strive to better myself. It still it kinda weird to put my thoughts on paper for people to read. Thanks for reading.