Saturday, March 30, 2013

39 weeks

Sharon at 39 weeks. We took this the other day. I think she is beautiful!!
We had date night. We just went to the Pizza Place in town last night. It was nice just to get out and talk. It will be the last time we do that as acouple, next time it will be a family of three.
I took a picture of our wedding picture.
Until next time take care

Baby Stuff

  Sharon has been busy making baby stuff lately. It's soooo cool to watch her take some fabric or yarn and create! She really is amazing!! And she is really modest about it. So here is a bunch of baby stuff. Sharon made the orange and green striped rattle and and friend of her's made the elephant. Not sure about the others.
Sharon made this quilt.
She knitted this little blanket/wrap.
My Mother-in-law and soon to be Grandmother made this really cool needle point.
This quilt is one Sharon did with a quilting bee block online. People did a bunch of the blocks then sent them to her. She sewed them together and now she is putting the backing on.
Sharon just came out and showed me the cover thats NOT quite done yet so I shouldnt have taken a picture of it. Its a cover for a Boppy. Its a  baby holder/ nursing deal.
She has made more stuff but has sent it to some of our friends that just had baby's.
Clicking on the pictures makes them bigger. Until next time take care