Friday, January 14, 2011

  I really don't have any thing to say this morning. I'm feeding cows pretty much all day now. So I have lots of time to think and I think of all these great topic's.  I should write down some of the topics in my tally book. Then when I get in front of the computer the mind goes blank.............
   I guess we can talk about the weather but then that horse is beat to death. Everyone talks about the weather. It is kinda funny though, talking about the weather. My wife and I are originally from California, and we have lived in Wyoming and now Montana. People complain about how cold it is, how much snow we have,  how windy it is, well you get the idea.  We were talking about this the other night that these are people born and bred here, and they act surprised by how cold or windy it is. Its the northern plains!!!! To us its winter its gonna be cold and windy, we just suck it up and go on living. It sure in the heck beats living in California, nice weather there or not. Its nice to have seasons. Watching the leafs change colour, watching the animals start putting on their winter fat and coats. Watching the song birds slowly head south. Then Papa Winter dumps a load of snow and we know winter is here. The short day's and long nights. But man oh man when sister Spring shows up its so nice to see the green grass start pushing through the snow and mud. Well until next  time take care

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