Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hunting camp

  Off to hunt camp tomorrow. I'll be guiding for antelope and acouple deer this year. Its really not a "camp" its a lodge. Here's the link So this my last night with my bride for about two and a half weeks.
   Sharon is off to Salt Lake City of the Sewing Summit for acouple days. Sharon is pretty shy around people and she was nervous going last year. Now its all she thinks about. She has made lots of friends online and she get to meet alot of them there. Its pretty cool. She is picking up a friend that lives in the UK. I guess you could call it a girls weekend get away. Quilters and Knitters gone wild!!
  Still no rain here. Its scaring dry. Its cooling down we have been in the low 80's days low 40's at nights. Here's a picture I found. Kinda cool formation.
Until next time take care

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bathroom floor

 We had a carpeted bathroom. We just aren't big fans of a carpeted bathroom.
Here's the floor with out carpet.
And now the finished floor. My boss pick up the tile for the floor. We really like it. It makes the room have alot more light. Really looks good, Huh?
 until next time take care

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Big News

  Here's a picture of my bride. She knitted the sweater she is wearing. Pretty dang cool huh?
The really cool part is that she is just starting the second trimester. You know we are gonna have a baby!!!! We are super excited about this. Here's Jelly Bean two weeks ago.
We are calling the baby Jelly Bean because the first ulta-sound looked just like a jelly bean. Until next time take care.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Date

      My bride talked me into working today insted of yesterday so I could go with her to the Fiber Fair in Scottsbluff NE. It was nice to just spend time wondering around and looking at stuff. We didn't have any time pressure, THAT was so nice! We took my truck and I had a new radio put in. The old one died. The new radio plays an iPod. Sharon gave me her old one so I've been putting music on it. We stopped at the radio store and the guy there said it would about a 30 minute to put it in. So we went next door and had lunch. He was done when we got back.
    Went to the Fiber fair. They had tons of fiber aka wool. It was cool seeing Sharon in her element. She had fun looking and talking to vendors. She is kinda shy so me being there helps her. Sharon has been spinning wool on a drop spindle and wants to get a spinning wheel. There was a vendor that rents wheels. We came home with a wheel to try out. It doesn't look like the old classic wheels. It's a fold up travel model. Sharon has played on the classic models and really liked them.This one will give her the chance to spin up a bunch of wool into thread and see if she likes spinning. I think we will be getting a wheel in the future. They are kinda expensive but whats not. The craftmanship on the classic type wheels in just awesome. Here's the wheel folded up.
The wheel set up and ready to use. The front view.
Well until next time take care.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Water tanks

  Last couple days I have been working on putting in new water tanks at my house. The big old metal one rusted out so I put in this rubber tire tank.
Here's a shot of it with dirt in it. I will top it off with concrete then set the float valve in it.

I had really cool old concrete tank but it was leaking so I tore it out as well. When I was setting the tank this morning everything was going great til I accidentally moved the tire and broke the riser pipe. So Im digging through the old concrete. Got to find the joint its probaly 5-6 feet down below frost line.
  Thats what Ive been doing. Until next time take care.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


  Here's some of my sister-in-laws wedding. I know it was a couple weeks ago but better later than never right? Here's the family.
The Wedding party.
Dancing with my mother-in-law. Lots of fun! I love this picture just wish our hands were lower.
My bride and myself.
The woman that I am lucky enough to spend the rest of my life with.
Until next time take care

Monday, September 3, 2012

At Rest

     So we went to Dubois WY on Friday and yes it was another whirlwind trip. We celebrated my Dads life on Saturday. We buried his ashes in the morning and then had an open house at the VFW club in the afternoon for the public. We laid him to rest next to his parents.
   I made a box and Sharon made quilt for the urn.
  My Dad was a Mason so the Masons came down and and we had Darwin the pastor of the church Sharon and I went to it Crowheart do the service. It was really nice.  My Uncle, Aunt and I spoke about Dad.

My Dads headstone . The little note next to it is kinda our way of grieving.
  We did a some crying in the morning and laughing in the afternoon. We celebrated two birthdays Saturday night. My great Aunt Anita turned 80 and my cousin Lori turned 40.
The family. Sharon was feeling tired and went to bed so she's not in the picture.
Rest in Peace Dad. You will be missed.