Monday, January 24, 2011


    Just having a hard time coming up with something to write tonight.......I have a bunch of ideas but they are all about half baked and I wouldn't know how to finish them if I started. Soooo now you just get me rambling.
    Have you noticed that most people complain about the lack of craftsmanship in the products that are made? But when you make the comment you get what you pay for. They get kinda pissy. Take  horse gear for example. People will ohhhh and ahhhh over a piece of gear, then when they learn the price they say oooohhhhh really, I can get the same thing at Murdock's or Big R. It just rubs me wrong. Because it's NOT the same. One is made by hand in a guys basement or garage after he has already put in the hours at his "real" job. He or She has spend alot of time and money learning skills, buying tools and supply's to have some Jerk degrade the work by comparing it to some thing made in China. They have no idea how much work and talent goes into a project and probaly don't care anyway.
   It's just sad to see mass produced products that won't last long and will be replaced again and again. When you can spend a little more and buy a solid quality item that will last. Wouldn't that help save the planet? Just a thought...............well take care until next time

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