Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

  Our Christmas didn't start out that great. The dogs got us up at 2 am to go potty. Then they got into a fight in the pasture. They came back to the house bloody and covered in snow and ice. Cord the Corgi was the one is  hurt. He has a bite mark on his chest and limping pretty bad on his left front leg. It was 3:30am before we got back to bed. So we have been playing nurse maid to Cord all day. He seems to be better but we will call the vet tomorrow and probaly get him checked out.
  Other than the dog issue we had agreat Christmas. We opened presents with my In-laws over Skype. Its how we do Christmas with them since we live so far away.
  Our front yard this morning.
  My In-laws got this really cool cantle silver for my saddle. Guess they kinda like me.
My bride and I in front of the tree tonight. Sharon knitted the sweater Im wearing. She also knited a pair of wool socks for me. I tell you what she is a keeper for sure!! She is 26 weeks pregnant now.
Other than the dog deal we had agreat day. We just relaxed and snacked, read and just enjoyed the great life we have with each other. Hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas.
Until next time take care

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Todays fun

   I went and helped a friend ride through his cows and then we moved some yearlings. I know it's my day off but I love being horseback and working cows.
   Here's where things got a touch interesting. Crossing the frozen creek. I tried leading Gato acrossed but he was really wasn't into it. It took a bit of convincing but with Brian's help Gato came across a much better horse.

 If I don't post before Christmas, Please have a Merry Christmas. Be safe.
Until next time take care.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Good Day

  Went and help a neighbor sort and ship calves today. We sorted them horseback so much fun that way. When we sort ours we do it afoot cause we just arent set up to use horses that way. I really liked doing it horseback. He had  some calves in that needed DR'ing so we roped and DR'd them. Trotted out and checked his yearlings. I really like my horse El Gato. He is just awesome.
    Sharon entered a sweater she knitted in the Make it with Wool competition. She won the state!!!! I am so proud of her!! There is no national competition for her category.
   The baby is now at 24 weeks. Sharon is now calling the Jelly Bean, Wiggles. The Bean is now the size of a cantalope.
 Untill next time take care

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Parade

   We took the team of Halflingers to Torrington for the Christmas parade. My boss and I outrode for the team. I rode El Gato he did really good. There were acouple time's he got tight but nothing bad. Stuff like parades and and getting out in the public is really good for him. Just makes him into a better horse. The wagon.
 Going down the parade route.
A bunch of cows coming to cake. They get kinda excited.
I got some new neckrags when we went to town the other day. OK I got fabric for Sharon to make them. Haha. I'll let you all in on a secret I got Sharon a serger sewing machine for Christmas. It will be nice for her to make baby clothes.
It's snowing here today. Glad I have the day off to spend with Sharon. I think I might try to get into my room and build a couple split ear bridles. I have a bit that needs one and I ordered a spade bit the other day so I'll need one for that as well.
  Until next time take care

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chariot races

       I went and outrode for the chariot races this weekend. Our friends from Dubois was racing in Glendo so I went over and helped out. Lots of fun and really cool to watch. It really is something to hear the horse's hoove's thunder down the track. Four horse's at a dead run is awesome. Thats why they have outriders in case the driver can't get they horses shut down. We ride along side to the gates and at the end of the track. John warming up his wife's team here.
   Heres a shot of the teams going to the gates.
I took my horse El Gato. We took the teams up to the gates. I didnt want to race him along side the chariots. Im still learning Gato and I want to make sure I can do the job of shutting teams. He did great. I put him in the low pressure places. He really wanted to run when the gates banged open though. I love riding and using horse's.
John horse's ready to go home. There are four horses there gotta look close.
Clicking on pics make bigger.
Until next time take care