Tuesday, January 18, 2011


    The other day I was sitting here at the computer, and looked out the window to see four wild turkey hens walking by. They have been entertaining to say the least. They have been in the yard a few feet from the house and windows. I don't think the two heelers really care about them at all. But the bossy little Corgi, Now that another story. When we let the dogs out Cord the Corgi just tears off looking for them. He knows where they nest, they are nesting in the trees above the driveway over the cattle guard. So he goes straight there stands under them and barks. They could care less. Sharon had the dogs out yesterday and the turkeys were on the ground and he starts chasing them. So Sharon is trying to call Cord off the turkeys.  She called him off but jeepers dog. I guess he is just trying to protect us from the freakish birds that are bigger than him. Well until next time take care


Sharon said...

Cordie, my protector. :)
I've never seen turkeys this close before, they are some ugly looking birds! I forgot to show you the pictures I snapped yesterday. They got within 5 feet of the house and didn't even notice me through the window.

Anonymous said...

Corgi's. Cute but dumb! LOL

I like the new picture!