Monday, February 28, 2011

The Move

   We had a great trip. We got a later start than we wanted on Saturday. But it was Ok we still got here safely. It just seems like a great fit here! We really like the town.
   The town has a GREAT library. That is where I am using the internet. We just checked out a bunch of movies and a Will James book.
   I am really looking forward to starting work. My boss stopped by and helped us unload abit of stuff. Then he say's hope your roping arm is doing good cause we got some roping to do. The big smile on my face told him I was ready. I hope I do a good job, cause this hombre is out of practice. In a bad way but I figure a couple days throwing a rope around will really help.
   Well I gots to go the library is closing up. I post back in a couple days.

Until next time take care

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Anonymous said...

Keep your elbow up! :-)