Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cold day

   As I sit here eating breakfast and writing, the temp sits about -30 outside. Last time it was this cold the tractor wouldn't start. I guess the battery's are a little weak. So we had to go get  the charger and charge the battery's for awhile. That stuff just makes for a long day! Not really looking forward to going out in this kinda weather. Just hope there is no wind today.
   I know the lady's will be happy to see me though, OK,  maybe not me but the hay I bring to them.
Until next time take care


Linda said...

It was a balmy 28below F. here this morning but at least the wind wasn't howling and the sun WAS shining. The Lady's didn't even care if they ate this morning but they'd rather bask in the sunshine for a change. I hope your bale strings aren't as froze on as ours are.

Jake said...

We have net wrap on some and string on others. I like the string better than net wrap! Yes big frozen blocks of hay.