Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feb 22

   Lets see what did I do today........ Well started the day off feeding cows, that has been an every day thing for so long the cows are almost tired of seeing me, But not of the hay I bring them. Then I went to headquarters to find out what was on the agenda for the rest of the day. The boss told me to put the engine mounts in the Steiger tractor cause we are gonna put the engine back in today. Got the engine mounts in with no problems.
   I hear some one yelling outside so I go to see whats going on. It a neighbor looking for one of us. "Hey Jack whats up?" Jack sez "You guys got some cows walking acrossed the cattle guard heading north".  " Oh great I say" He sez "The ones that was going south I got to follow me back onto your place."
  So we spent the better part of the afternoon digging snow out of the cattle guards. Hopefully the lovely lady's "old rips" will stay on our side of the cattle guards.
  We did finally get to the engine and got it in the tractor. We didn't get done till almost 7 pm so it was a long day. But the engine is in, now the fun of hooking everything back up begins........
This is the Steiger or the "Green Witch"
Until next time take care

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