Thursday, February 3, 2011

Childhood memories

    So when we were kids living in McDermit NV. My brother and I learned to entertain ourselves. This story is about when we got bow and arrows. They weren't the best, but who in their right mind is gonna buy kids a good bow and arrows? We tried shooting targets but that is about as boring as watchin grass grow. We really didnt know what we were doing, so we pealed alot of skin off our forearms from the bow string.  Then we got the great idea to see who could shoot their arrow the highest. Now don't get ahead of me here.
    So we stretch back them bows and let the arrows fly strait and true. Oh yea it was a perfectly calm day.
Up and up they went, we couldn't see the arrows any more........ Then thunk, thunk, two arrows have now made their return trip to earth. They buried themselves about half way into mother earth. The two genius that shot the arrows are now standing 3-5 feet from them. You know the story "what goes up must come down". We were really lucky we didn't get hit by any arrows.
 Boy did we have alot of fun with them bows and arrows. There are still a few more good tales to tell about the bow and arrows. Until next time take care

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Sally said...

Do you remember shooting the arrows near our neighbor (Nancy)and having her think she was being attacked by Indians??