Thursday, February 24, 2011

Last post for awhile

  This might be my last post for a couple weeks. We are moving and I don't know when I will get around the internet. I am hoping there is internet at the library in Lusk we can use. But keep checking in I might surprise you and post before that.
   We are moving to Lusk Wyoming. I got better job there. I'm saying it's a better job cause I'll get to be horseback lots more. The guy I will be working with LOVES to rope so that right there is a huge bonus. We will also be closer to family and friends. There are lots of little perks about moving back home. We feel Wyoming is home and always will be.
    Montana has been really good for us. We have learned a ton about ourselves living here. I have learned alot about cattle and ranching being here.
  Take care until next time

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Linda said...

Have a good move Jake.....see you when you get settled in.