Sunday, February 13, 2011

Childhood memory

   When we lived in Orvada NV it was pretty remote and not alot for my brother and I to do. Soo we were subjected to the torture of finding ways to entertain ourselves, and we did a dang good job to. Entertaining ourselves that is. Remember this is before video games. No sorry, I take that back the Atari was around. Not in our house it wasn't, we still had a black and white TV. We were pretty creative when it was playtime. Good thing we had active imagations. So we built lots of forts, dug lots of holes. Heck I don't really remember what we did . I just know we never were bored.
      I can't remember how old I was but I had just got my first BB gun. This is a big step in a boy's life. I want to say I got it as a Christmas present. I still have it to, its a Daisy single pump. We had a grand ol time with that gun. We shot more Indians than Custer ever saw. Like I said we had imagations. We fought WW2 all over again. I was the gunner since it was my gun. Ben my brother was the spotter. He pointed out the things to shoot. It was team work. We shot field mice, snakes, rocks and sage brush. Oh I'm sure there were a few other things that got shot as well, or shot at.
    My Dad was the Ag teacher in McDermitt. He ended up bringing a bull home one day. We were gonna keep it for a week or two. He was kept in a pretty stout round pen.
     Soooo we were out on an African safari. I think we just read a book in school about Africa and the animals there. We were crawling throught the sagebrush ocean of the Great basin. Acting like we were in Africa. When, what do we see? Now please let me tell the story. Lets just say we saw a target. We hit the target. The target happened to be attached to the bull. The target is what make a bull a bull. Yes, we shot him dead center in the testicals. We thought he was gonna run through the fence. He didn't, thank God.
   When Dad got home that night he asked us if we knew why the bull seemed agitated. Of course our answer was NO. Why?  Then we said maybe he got bit by something? A Bee or a Wasp?
   I told my Pop about us shooting the bull a couple years ago. He laughed and thought it was kinda funny. I know he wouldn't have found any humor when it happened. I would have found the BB gun wrapped around my scrawny neck. Just a little story from my life.
Until next time take care

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Anonymous said...

That was just rude! :)

They say confession is good for the soul, so I hope you feel better now! :)