Saturday, February 12, 2011


    Boy oh boy. Do I love food! I know you can't tell by looking at me but I like to eat. Sharon is a great cook and always trying new recipes out.  She has this thing about vegetables and trying to get me to eat more of them. I'm more of a meat and tators kinda guy. Oh yea throw a can of corn in there and dinner is served.
   We are trying to clean out the freezer so when we move we don't have a ton frozen food to move. We have a bunch of roasts and round steaks we need to do something with. So we think the best thing to do with them is make them into jerky. There ain't nothing better than homemade jerky! It will be a great traveling snack. We are gonna make snack bags for everyone that helps us move. It will save on the pocketbook not having to buy snacks.
   So we are looking into some different recipes for jerky. We have a couple that we use but want to try something new.
Until next time take care

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