Thursday, February 10, 2011

Its a Thursday

   Its 20 degrees outside, thats a  +20. Woohoo!! We are supposed to have nice weather the next couple of days. Up in to the 40's maybe. That will melt the snow for sure..........But then it will be a muddy mess.
  We are still packing,  Sharon is doing most of it. She is doing a great job also!
I'm looking forward to the new job. I know I will learn alot. Life is an adventure, sometimes you just got to get out there and grab it by the horns.
   Lee and I went over and helped a neighbor with their tractor yesterday afternoon. Their tractor got a flat tire on the front, and it gelled up. They were not having a good day. We changed all the filters and finally got the tractor running about 7:30 pm. It is so much fun to work on a tractor by headlights when it is 5 degrees. That is sarcasm.
until next time take care

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