Tuesday, November 29, 2011


  Spent most of the day horseback, always a good thing. I gathered the calves and my boss rolled out a couple bales of hay. We have the replacement heifer calves and the steers we are holding over as yearlings. I gathered them on to the feed ground. Trying to train them to come to the feed truck. Then we went down and gathered last years dinks. They look really good! They are going to the sale tomorrow.
  I have been riding my mare alot. Im riding her in the hackamore it is going great. It would go alot better if I could keep up with her. She learns so fast. Im still learning and need to learn faster.
  The rest of the afternoon was spent welding on the stock trailer. The slam gate got broke. The bottom of the gate rusted out. Welding on rust is a pain! The locking side and the gate are now fixed. That about it for now. Until next time take care

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Shirley said...

Lovely serene photo Jake.
My husband says a 4 inch angle grinder is a welder's best tool.