Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Feeling better

   I have been really stiff in my neck the last 6 weeks or so. Like I couldn't look up with out pain and it was starting hurt my shoulder. So I fought it as long as I could but when two of my fingers started to tingle it was time to see a chiropractor. I guess it wasn't gonna get better on its own. The Dr. made a couple adjustments and WOW!! It is nice to move with out pain. He said my #1 rib was out of place. Didn't know a rib could get out.
     Sunday night I made dinner for myself, because Sharon went to the Make it with wool. It was a craft show for the things made with wool. She made a scarf type of deal.  She had a great time and came home with a couple yards of wool fabric. But back to me making dinner. I fryed up a package of antelope steaks heated up a can of corn and pork and beans. And yes I ate both cans and the whole package of steaks. I still wonder how I can't put any weight on.
This was just the first plate. :) Then I followed it all up with a bag of popcorn.
Until next time take care


Ed said...

Antelope sound great! How does it compare with Venison?

Linda said...

Learn to bake and you'll made a real good wife someday;)))))

Shirley said...

Looks good! Yep, you should learn to bake- that meal should have been followed with something chocolate.
Glad the chiro fixed you up. Don't wait so long next time!