Thursday, November 24, 2011


   We trailed our replacement heifers from my place over to my bosses place yesterday. Its probaly a 5-6 mile trip. They gathered and moved well until we had to go through the pivots. We still have some hay bales that need to be moved. The heifers really wanted to drift and rub the bales. But we got them into the pasture we needed them in. It took some work and made some tired horses.
   Kevin brought over some bulls that didn't make the cut to stay bulls. So we got to rope them to cut them and make them steers. It was fun roping them! I learned alot roping them. Need to do more of that stuff. I got to learn to slide rope more. It was a good day spent mainly horseback.
  Hope every one has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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lisa said...

Happy Thanksgiving! So much better with family isn't it!