Saturday, November 5, 2011


   It's my wife's birthday is today! Sharon is gonna be.....I'm not telling :) . I don't care how old she gets she will alway's be my young blushing bride. I got today off so we are gonna go to Scottsbluff and do a little shopping for her and get insulated Carhartt bibs for me. Then we are planning on dinner some where nice. The Riders in the Sky are playing tonight in Torrington. We have tickets held for us so we are gonna see them. I'm glad I get to spend time with her today and just relax. We have been really busy. Hope the weather stays decent.
   I lost a rowel out of my spurs that Sharon bought me where we first moved to Wyoming. Kinda sad about that. So I ordered rowels from J.Watt. Here's what the rowel looked like that I lost. They are silver dollars from 1922 and 1928.
Here's the replacement rowels from J.Watt.
  I really like these spurs they are handmade. I don't know anything about them. There is no makers make on them. They are kinda roughly built but got lots of character. One shank is a touch longer than the other. Now I just need to figger out how to use the pins to keep the rowels on.
   My Mom came up for a visit and ended up staying acouple days longer that planned. We got 6-8 inches of snow dropped on us in a night. She didn't feel comfortable driving in that. haha. I don't blame her. It was a really good visit.
Until next time take care


Linda said...

The new rowels suit them....I hope your enjoying your quilt shopping expedition;_))))

Shirley said...

Happy birthday Sharon! Hope Jake made you feel special.
Those spurs may be Mexican made; I have a set mad in Mexico (love them) and the workmanship is a little rough.

Sally said...

Glad you were able to have the day off for some "together" time to celebrate Sharons birthday. Thanks to you and Sharon for such a good visit and the quilting experience...