Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanking Day

  We had a great Thanksgiving day! Lots of food and good people. My Dad and Aunt and Uncle came down. We had sourdough pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Then I started on the turkey. The turkey is my job some how I got roped into it. I guess cause I made the turkey last year now it my job. So we, the guys stayed busy. We went down a house on the ranch and got a fridge so we now have a 2nd fridge in the garage. It is nice to have more food storage. Then it was an Indiana Jones movie marathon here. My Dad and Uncle.
  We had alot of really good food. My Aunt Leigh brought the cranberry sauce, coleslaw and the yams. Sharon made mashed tators, greenbean salad, deviled eggs and appetizers. My dad brought the pies pumpkin and an apple,raisin sherry pie. I made the fruit salad and turkey.

Mmmmmm Turkey!!!!!! Meat falling off the bone.
 Me doing the turkey carving.
   Today my Dad and I stayed busy doing a couple odd jobs around the house. We put in acouple electric
 outlets in the garage. Fixed 2 lamps, moved the newer fridge around to a better spot in the garage.
   Hope every one had a Thanksgiving as good as ours! Until next time take care


Shirley said...

Mmmm that turkey looks good - what did you put on it?

Jake said...

Shirley- Here's the link to the recipe It is a juicy bird!!!!Mmmm