Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas tree

   Sharon and I went out to the Lance Creek pasture and cut down our tree. Cutting down a tree is our family tradition. We go out and cut our own tree and let the "kids" run around. They love helping find the ''perfect" tree.
The tree before the fatal cut.
And now its new home. All dressed up in its Christmas garb.
We think every tree we go out and cut down is the perfect tree. Because we go out as a family and really enjoy the time we spend together . Until next time take care.


Sarah said...

looks like all had a really grand time hunting for the tree...and probably decorating it too. And your Thanksgiving post...loved the guys just sittin around watching movies. Reminds me of our family gatherings. Though I give you credit for the turkey, which looked wonderful! You and Sharon enjoy the holidays to the fullest!

Shirley said...

That's the best way to get a tree, and you're right- they are all perfect when you make it a family outing.