Thursday, December 1, 2011

Good day

      Rode out a gathered the calves to the feed ground. Had three of the heifer calves crawl through the fence and were on the county road. So after we got the calves fed.  I found a broken wire in the pasture we have the steers in. It was time to fix fence in two pastures. Pushing calves to feed ground.

   We rode in the Christmas parade in town tonight. We rode for the horse club here in town. They had a Ranger ATV with a banner. My boss and I aren't members but it was fun. We were the only one's that rode horse's. The members said it's to cold or to icy or, or, or. You get the drift. The parade had 4-5 floats. I rode my mare and she did awesome!!  The temperature was 13 above. I was toasty but my fingers but they are almost always cold. The horse on the left is JW he weighs in 1500+ my mare is 950.  Sorry the picture is crappy I took it with my old broken camera. This was taken after the parade.
Until next time take care. Click on pic the make bigger.


Jinglebob said...

Odd how most times it's only the real cowboys who want to cowboy up! ;-)

Hair on yuh!

Shirley said...

Riding in parades is fun- good for the horses too.