Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Shipping/First snow

    Of course the first snow is on our biggest shipping day. We saddled about 5am, it was a nice a clear morning. Slightly warm. We could feel the temp start to drop on the way out to Lance Creek. Hopped the horse's out of the trailer and was gathering cows before the sun was up. Goood times. The sunrise this morning was beautiful. Bright red and orange. It ended up snowing on us all day. So we spent the day wet, I didn't get cold except for my fingers. We got everything sorted and on the trucks. The steers went to market and the heifers we keep.  We are weining the heifer calves at my bosses house so we gave them their vaccine shots this afternoon. We are shipping again tomorrow. Here are a couple pictures when I got home of the snow. It was late almost dark.
This is the tree in front of the house.
This picture was taken with the flash on.
Until next time take care