Saturday, August 6, 2011

Last week

   Had alot going on here. We are in the middle of haying here. We just got the first cutting done so now we are waiting for the hay to be cut again. Its busy busy around here.
  We had Sharon's parents come up for visit. So that was really nice. Sharon taught her mom how to quilt. They had a good time sewing together. Jan my father-in -law ran the lawn mower and weed eater and just puttered around here. He got alot of stuff done. We went to Scottsbluff and got 2 screen doors for the house and got them hung on Sunday. WOW it is so nice to get air flow and no bugs! It was a great visit. I'm really lucky to have such great in-laws. We are enjoying eating outside. Here's Jan and Anita in the back yard. We are having burgers.
   We went to our county fair Saturday night for the Ranch Rodeo. The events were wild cow milking, sorting pairs, some roping. Jeepers I can't remember all the events. It was a good time though. It showed some of the stuff we do here on the ranch. So it gave the In-laws good idea of what we do here.
  Sharon and I went to the fair last night for the pig wrestling. If you have never seen pig wrestling it is something to see at least once! They have different classes there are little kids and they get small cute pigs, then the pigs just get bigger and bigger.
Well thats about it for now. I got to get back to the BBQ. We got steaks, diced potatoes with onion in aluminum foil and zuccichi grilling.  Until next time take care
  Here's a picture looking west from our home. If you click the picture they get bigger.


Jake said...

Ohh yea I forgot we are having corn on the cob also.

Linda said...

It sounds much like our little ranch rodeos here. You have a nice view.