Monday, August 15, 2011

Great weekend

    I got Saturday off so we took off Friday night and made the 5hr drive to Dubois the see family and friends. My nephew is staying with my Dad for a week so we stayed with him and had a really good visit. There was a lot of things going on there. There was chariot racing, quilt show and the Dubois fire department buffalo BBQ. Boy was it really nice to see a bunch of our friends. I got some pictures of the races, so enjoy! My friend Jed is driving this team. He won this race.

Here's my buddy Rusty. He's riding as an outrider for the chariots. He's there in case the team tries to run away. Boy, is it fun outriding! When the teams come to the end off the track, the outrider is racing along side the team to stop them if the driver needs help.

Here's crossing the Wind River going into my uncle's place.
Until next time take care


Shirley said...

If you like the chariots, you'd love the chuckwagon racing. There are two circuits in Canada, and one of the biggest shows for them is the Calgary Stampede. I went this year, and the chucks were the highlight of the day for me.
That last photo is frame-able.

Jinglebob said...

That bottom picture needs to be enlarged and hanging on a wall!