Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday's Work

   Today was a really good day. We prowled around checking cows, grass and water. My boss and I found  a couple calves that needed doctoring. So we roped them and gave shots.  I am learning so much from my boss on how to be a hand. He pointed out a couple areas I need to work on with my roping. We had a good talk about the bovine thought process. Trained on our horse's a bit also. Great day to be alive!
   After lunch we tore into the pick-up with the Hydra-bed. We are putting a new clutch in it. So the rest of the day was spent spinning wrenches. Man-o-man is there a lot that goes into putting in a clutch. We had to take the exhaust system off and both drive lines. Drop the transmission and transfer case. The life of a ranch hand is never dull.
  On a side note when we were riding past an old homestead house there was a Great Horned owl ten feet from us just watching us ride by. Pretty cool to see stuff like that. Until next time take care

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Linda said...

It looks like it's still pretty green in your neck of the woods.