Thursday, August 25, 2011


  Yesterday morning, my boss sent me out to check and doctor some calves. This is the first time I doctored by myself. Pretty cool feeling. It went well, There is definitely room for improvement. But you got to start somewhere. I learned soooo much out in the pasture by myself.
  Then I spent the rest of the day on a swather making hay. Pretty dang good day. I got some pictures of the hay field. Here's the swather.
And a shot of the pivot.
We finished cutting the hay is this field last night. We let the hay dry a bit and let the baling begin. Now just one more field to cut.
My windrow's look like I gave Stevie Wonder a couple shots of whisky and the steering wheel to my swather. Haha
  Well until next time take care


lisa said...

Looks like very nice hay!

Shirley said...

The best way to get good at something is to just get out and do it. Your boss must trust that you can do the job well enough on your own.