Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Good News

    My Dad and my nephew are visiting for a couple days! My nephew lives in California and my Pops picked him up at the Denver airport. So they are gonna stay here a couple nights before going to Dubois where my Pops lives. It has been almost 2 years since I've seen him. Man oh man has he grown, but I guess that happens. He's 10 now but it seems like just yesterday he was falling asleep in my arms watching cartoons. It is nice to get to spend time with him. We played the X-box tonight. I haven't played that thing in years. He smoked me on every game we played. Dang kid is really handy with computers.
      Yesterday on the work front. We were horseback! Woohoo!! We had a heifer get into the neighbors so we went to bring her home. We opened the gates to shove her home and she wasn't having any of that. We tried to push her nice and easy, but she took off the other way. She had no respect for us or our horses. So my boss dropped his rope down roped her. He got a hind leg. Thats about the time she really got on the fight. She was trying to take our horses. My boss was gonna teach her to lead. He told me to get my rope on her head and around one front leg. I just got the head. We ended up throwing her down and tied her. We left her to think about the errors of her way. We went and moved the heifers to another pasture and came back with the pick-up and trailer. My boss showed me how to load a cow into the trailer if I'm by myself. I'm learning tons! It's really cool all the tricks I'm learning! It was a really good day.
  Until next time take care


Shirley said...

Enlighten us; how did you get the heifer in the trailer?

Jake said...

Shirley- By saying please of course....... When we had her feet tied and she couldn't go any where we put a web horse halter on her. Make sure it's really tight. The halter has a 60' rope tight to it. Back the trailer right of the her nose. Have the door open run the rope through the trailer and out the side then tie the rope to the trailer. So now the only place the cow can go is in the trailer. Used your preferred method of motivation to get her to move into the trailer. Shut door move her to the nose of trailer. Shut that door then remove halter. Load horse's and call it a day. :)

lisa said...

Very nice picture, and saying please always helps ;)