Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Camera

  I got a new camera last week when we went Casper. Its a Fujifilm XP20. I don't know any thing about cameras. This one is suppose to be tough. The last one was suppose to be tough also. So Im learning how to use it. They don't give any directions for the functions, what they do, how to use them. You know that sort of thing. This one is a little bigger in the body than my old camera.  It sure is nice to see the whole screen and be able to change the settings. This is the screen on my old camera.
  So all the pictures that I have posted on here were taken with the screen like this. Im gonna keep the camera and still use it. I'll probably note that they were taken with old camera. Heres some pictures with the new camera. Just having some fun with this shot.
We will end today's post with a rainbow.
Until next time take care


Sarah said...

congrats on the new toy! I like that crooked shot! Its fun taking pictures from different angles and seeing what you get! We'll enjoy seeing all the pictures you take with it!

Shirley said...

You could probably google your new camera online and find an instruction manual. That'd what I did for the camera my daughter gave me, it sure helped.

Linda said...

Just play with the different'll figure it out.