Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Life pt 2

   So where were we? Oh yea me rambling about my life and how I got where I am. Gettin the job in Dubois change the whole course of my life. I was realizing that there was a whole different life I could lead. The cowboy way of life was not dead. After spending 6-7 days a week horse back all summer I knew there was nothing else I wanted to do. I met some really good people that cowboy and they helped me so much. They helped get me on the right path. Thank you to them! They showed me tons of things.
  At the end of the summer I needed a job and got one on another dude outfit in AZ. Before I went to AZ I went back to CA to visit family and friends for 2weeks. Took Sharon out to dinner the second night I was back and knew I wanted to be with her. I asked her if she would want to visit me in AZ and see what happened. She moved with me to WY later. But thats a story for later.
  That job in AZ was a great job. I got to work on my roping there. We shoed all the horse's on the ranch ourselves, I could trim but never learned to shoe. So I learned to shoe. Even though my Dad is a shoer. So rode we ton there way more that the other ranch. It was cool to see how different places are run.
  After wintering in AZ Sharon moved with me to WY for the summer. That is when I really stared to learn more about cowboying. I day worked alittle for some ranches and got to pick their minds. The friends we made there were horse and ranch people. We stayed in Dubois for 2 winters and got married there. Then I got a ranch job in MT. The outfit I'm on now is a good place, good owner and people around. Its a 4wheeler outfit though. We use horse's very little here. It just tears me up to use a 4wheeler to chase cows around and move them. 4wheelers have a place but......they work great for fencing, running out real quick to check water.  I love the peace and quiet, the creak of a saddle, the soft foot falls in the sod, hearing the horse breath, him getting a drink. Not an engine, ripping up the ground leaving tracks everywhere. Well its that time I get to work again. Until next time take care

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Sharon said...

You mean 6-7 days A WEEK horseback, right? Not just 6-7 days the whole summer. :)