Thursday, December 30, 2010

Life pt 3

   Here we go again. I was talking about this place being a 4-wheeler outfit. It seams like lots of outfits are going that way it. It just doesn't seam right to use a big powerful machine to move and sort animals. Use animals to work animals. It just sounds really stupid to hear some one say they were cowboying on a 4wheeler. Anybody can jump a on a wheeler, not everybody can get on a horse and do the job.
  I have been lucky when it comes to cowboying, I have had some really good people help me and be there to answer my question's. I have got to go to brandings and rope at them and seen how nice and easy good hands make the job. I have got to ride the forest permits with a couple guys also. Everytime I'm around or on a horse I learn something new. Being on a horse outfit would set my learning curve threw the roof. I just want to learn!! It's hard trying to teach myself all the stuff I feel I need to know. Reading books, watching movies and using the Internet is a big help but it would be so nice to have someone show me. Or someone I could just watch and get to use these skills everyday. I know I put alot of pressure on myself, But it is the passion I have for this life. I chose it or it chose me I 'm not sure. There is so much I don't know and am trying to learn. Cowboying isn't a job like some people think, It's a lifestyle. You live the job.
  Gosh, my mind is a whirl right now trying to get the all thoughts straight in my head to put to paper errrrrr um computer. I think I'm done for now. Maybe. Until next time take care

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