Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

   Well its Christmas morning and all through the house. Not a creature is stirring except me and my coffee as my fingers fly across the keyboard. Well fly might be stretching it....Hunt and peck doesn't have the same ring.  I guess I should tell you some thing about myself so here goes...
    We live on cow/calf ranch in S.E. Montana. We are pretty remote here on the prairie, Its a 30 min drive to Baker in good weather. Over half of the road is gravel. It's 80 + miles to Miles City when we want to go do our monthly grocery shopping. Our closest neighbor is 2 1/2 mile away. The ranch sits in Fallon county and Carter county.
   When we talk to friends in California, they almost always ask are you bored living that far from everything? We just reply back, What is everything? We have books and movies. We get netflix and we have the internet. What more do we need? We get the paper and news off the computer so we stay sum what informed on what is going on in the world. Most of the time the news is so ..........Well you get the idea. We talk to each other and have really good conversations. We have solved the worlds problems many times over. We enjoy the little things that most people are to busy to notice. The sunrise, the way the colors play across the snow or grass as the sun cracks over the horizon. How many people in towns notice the trees starting to bud or the loss of their leaves? We try notice the little details all around us that make the whole picture.
    I'm gonna try to post here at least a couple times a week. I'll post more pictures of the area and my life.  So until next time take care.