Sunday, December 26, 2010

Foggy Day

   This was taken on Christmas Eve, just wanting to show how foggy it was. This was when the fog "lifted". Just feeding the girls here.   If you can see them in the 2nd Picture. All my pictures are taken with a broken camera, It's a Pentax Optio really spendy camera waterproof, dust proof and shock resistant. Then it met me..... So I try to take care of my gear and only buy the best I can afford. I cracked lcd in the camera so all I can see is half a screen. I had it in my pocket and we were working on the Steiger tractor. We are taking the engine out to replace a bearing. I'm not a mechanic or want to be but I want to learn how things work. So I'm leaning over the radiator and feel something in my pocket and think to myself "oh crap hope I didn't break it". Yep I did it still works just cant change the settings on it. So.....It still take good pictures. I was just rambling here. I'm not much of a writer so hang with me and hopefully it will get better. Until next time take care

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