Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Dogs

    Here's the run down on the dogs or the "kids" as we call them.  Festus is the ol red dog I got him when he was 5 weeks old. Some gal was try to sell a couple pups in front of Farm Supply in Paso Robles Ca. She was askin $50 for a pup. I wasn't gonna pay for a dog.  I said I would take a pup and give him a good home and she said well ...... Then a friend who works there stop and vouched that I would take good care of him so she let me have to dog. He is a Redheeler with some bordercollie. When we were driving home I looked down at him and said well Festus what should we call you.  Festus stuck.
  Lotte is the Blueheeler Kelpie cross. She is Sharons first dog or my dog as of now. We got Lottte out of Worland Wyoming. Sharon wanted a dog so we went to look at some purebred Blue heelers and they just didn't have what we were looking for. Then the guy says I got these half breeds want to look at them? Sharon picked up Lotte and it was love at first sight. She put Lotte down and played with the other puppys, But Lotte kept climbing on her and trying to sleep. So that is how we ended up with Lotte who is now my dog. I took her acouple times to work with me now she's my dog. She like to  work and works well.
  Then there is Cord........... Where to start with him. Since I was taking Lotte to work with me and she wasn't listening to Sharon like she should. Sharon said she wanted a dog that I wouldn't steal?????Whatever. Haha So some friends raised Corgi's and were getting out of the Corgi business and Sharon really loves their dogs. So we got the last pup they raised. Sharon wanted a female but all they had was male so we took him. He is ...... I don't really know how to desiscribe him. Other than the funnest, bossy little guy around. Here's a picture of them on the cake truck.


Sharon said...

You forgot to mention how Festus is my dog now. And Lotte listens to me... when you're not around. :)

Jinglebob said...

Now kids, no fighting! ;-)